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YouTube Deletes Candace Owens Videos Rejecting Fake Transgender Science

The left has done an excellent job of spreading their “boys can be girls and vice versa” propaganda across the country over the last five years, but it certainly doesn’t hurt their anti-scientific efforts when they are fully ready and willing to censor any viewpoint that goes against this harmful narrative. YouTube proved this week that they are on board ...

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Ivanka Trump, Others, Slam Media’s Silence on Leftist Violence in D.C.

Thousands of Trump supporters descended on Washington, D.C. on Saturday to hold an overwhelmingly peaceful demonstration in support of the president’s efforts to challenge the election results. But while the conservatives in attendance did their level best to express their opinion loudly and peacefully, leftist agitators weren’t having it. In far smaller numbers, counterprotesters arrived on the scene and immediately ...

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