28,957 Muslim Refugees Admitted into U.S. Since October

According to Pew Research, the United States has admitted more Muslim refugees in fiscal year 2016 than we have since 2002. This also marks the first time since 2006 that Muslims will outnumber Christians among refugees, thanks largely to President Obama’s goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian citizens. He’s 86% of the way there, by the way. When this president sets his mind to something, it turns out he is actually quite competent. Imagine that.

The State Department’s Refugee Processing Center collects data on incoming refugees. From that data, Pew discovered that the U.S. has admitted 28,957 Muslim refugees since last October, comprising nearly half of the total number of refugees: 63,000.

“Just two countries – Syria (8,511) and Somalia (7,234) – were the source of more than half of this year’s Muslim refugees,” Pew reported. “The rest are from Iraq (6,071), Burma (Myanmar) (2,554), Afghanistan (1,948), and other countries (2,639).”

Within the largest and most controversial of those demographics – the Syrians – Muslims make up 99% of the total refugee population while Christians only account for 1%.

“As a point of comparison, Pew Research Center estimated Syria’s religious composition to be 93% Muslim and 5% Christian in 2010,” the researchers wrote.

This report happens to land alongside a new poll showing that most Americans would prefer it if the president put this Syrian refugee business to bed. According to a survey by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, only 36% of Americans support Obama’s plan to bring thousands of Syrians into the country over the coming years. Among political affiliations, only Democrats support the plan in a majority; Republicans and Independents oppose the scheme overwhelmingly.

Donald Trump hasn’t run a perfect campaign since the Republican National Convention, but he has done a nice job conveying to the public what Hillary Clinton has in store for us as it pertains to Muslim refugees. How much of that message is getting through the firewall of the mainstream media? Fair question, but Trump can only control what he can control. And as long as he keeps repeating the same refrain – that Hillary Clinton wants to raise Obama’s refugee target by 550% – the message will eventually slip through to the masses.

See, as “politically divided” as we supposedly are in this country, a lot of that division is illusory. When you strip away the labels – “Republican,” “Democrat” and so on – and just get to the meat of the message, the majority of Americans loathe this kind of open-borders, one-global-world, patriotism-is-dead nonsense. The majority of Americans want a country that is safe, culturally united, and proud.

Now if they would only realize which of these two candidates believes in their version of America, we could save ourselves a lot of heartache.

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