After Bombshell Revelations, Iran Deal is as Good as Dead

Senior Trump administration officials confirmed Tuesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bombshell disclosure of thousands of secret Iranian documents accurately represented the evidence that Iran lied its way into the nuclear agreement. That agreement, signed by an overeager Obama administration and defended by our European allies, could be as good as dead now that the public knows how deep the deception runs.

President Trump, of course, was already on what seemed to be a certain track towards decertifying the agreement and snapping economic sanctions back into place. Despite last-minute appeals from French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president did not appear to be moved to stay in the agreement. If Trump decided to re-apply sanctions, it will likely mean an end to the JCPOA in its current form. And if there remained any hope of avoiding that conclusion, Netanyahu’s presentation probably sealed the deal.

“The United States has reviewed many of the documents Israel has obtained relating to Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” a State Department spokesperson said. “We assess that the documents that we have reviewed are authentic. New details in this information are consistent with a large body of evidence and intelligence the U.S. government has amassed over many years on Iran’s past clandestine nuclear weapons program.”

President Trump, who was expecting to run into at least some degree of obstinance on Capitol Hill as it pertained to scrapping the nuclear agreement, is not the only one expressing doubts in the wake of Israel’s revelation. A senior congressional official spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about the documents, saying that the new information has changed the game.

“Everything the Obama administration told us about the Iranian nuclear program was a lie,” the source told the Free Beacon. “They assured us that we knew everything about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, that it was put on ice, and that the intelligence community had full insight into what was going on. Now we find out the Iranians have warehouses of nuclear weapons designs. People are in shock.”

The big revelation from Netanyahu’s presentation is that Iran, which has always maintained that it never had designs on building a nuclear arsenal, has troves of documents proving just the opposite. The Israeli prime minister (credibly) argued that this meant that the Iranians entered into the negotiations on bad faith, nullifying any degree of trust the U.S. and its partners can put in the ongoing deal.

“These files conclusively prove that Iran is brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapons program,” Netanyahu said.

The liberal media is, of course, trying to downplay this shocking revelation as inconsequential. They say that because Netanyahu offered no evidence that Iran has violated the deal itself, we should simply shrug at this disturbing development. Then again, we’re pretty sure Iran could detonate an atom bomb over Jerusalem and the New York Times would find a way to argue that the regime was still “technically” within the confines of the agreement.

And hell, considering how terrible this deal is, they might actually be right…

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