Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Total Flop Outside New York City

It may be that establishment Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief this week. While they didn’t manage to pull off the upset victory in the Ohio special election that they were hoping for, they did manage to fend off another problem: The insurgent left-wing movement coming from socialist stars like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders. Three of the five candidates that Ocasio-Cortez stumped for and endorsed lost their primaries on Tuesday, showing that the democratic socialist does not have nearly the sway in middle America that she does in New York and the media. Could it be that this is a phantom movement with no real juice behind it? Or will it just be a matter of time before Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders spread their socialist tentacles beyond the northeast?

Ocasio-Cortez traveled to Michigan to stump for gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed and congressional candidate Fayrouz Saad, and she jetted over the Missouri to endorse Cori Bush for the state’s 1st District. Unfortunately for her, the results were dismal. El-Sayed lost by more than 20 points, Saad came in fourth place with a mere 18% of the vote, and Bush lost in a landslide to William Lacy Clay in Missouri.

It remains to be seen if Ocasio-Cortez’s other chosen candidate – Kaniela Ing of Hawaii – can win his primary race on Saturday, but the polls aren’t looking too hot.

Ocasio-Cortez’s ability to influence elections may not be as strong as some thought, but she still remains a potent media force for hard-left Democrats. Her looks and her Cinderella story have made her the latest plaything for the media, which gives her plenty of time to sit in front of a microphone and pontificate on what America should look like in 2018. Unfortunately for mainstream Democrats, a great deal of Ocasio-Cortez’s rhetoric comes at the expense of their party and the older, established politicians on Capitol Hill.

In an interview with Pod Save America on Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez said that too many Democrats in Washington were content to compete for the capitalist vote, not realizing that the upper middle class liberals of their day were no longer there.

“Their heyday was in the 90s when kids had like Furbies and you had like soccer moms with two vans and stuff,” said the articulate New Yorker. “That’s not America anymore!”

As much as your Chuck Schumers and your Nancy Pelosis may have their reasons to fear and detest Ocasio-Cortez (and Sanders, for that matter), the fact remains that they are fully responsible for creating this socialist monster. By supporting Black Lives Matter, refusing to speak out against Antifa, and, frankly, introducing the first elements of universal healthcare into the system with the ACA, they set the stage for this to happen. If it winds up eating their party alive, they’ll have only themselves to blame.

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