“Almost Malfeasance”: Congressman Slams John Kerry

Appearing on Fox News Saturday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce had harsh words for Secretary of State John Kerry. Concerned about reports that the State Department allowed Iran to negotiate separate verification agreements with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Royce said Kerry was guilty of “almost malfeasance.”

“Doesn’t it look to you like he couldn’t get an agreement with the Iranians that would allow the real verification that we want and get those answers answered?” the Republican asked. ”Instead, he left it up for the Iranians and the IAEA to separately negotiate this, apparently in a way in which we in Congress haven’t seen a copy of.”

This isn’t the first time Republicans have criticized the Obama administration on the deal, of course, but these attacks will heat up as congressional review continues. Congress has 60 days to review the deal and vote on whether or not to lift sanctions. Obama has already promised to veto any legislation that would prevent the deal from going through. But even the administration’s critics were caught off-guard by Iran’s separate deals with international inspectors.

“This strikes me as almost malfeasance,” Royce said, “if you also add that in the eleventh hour of these negotiations, they almost negotiated away our ability to keep the arms embargo on the intercontinental ballistic missile system that Iran wants to develop.”

Compromising Security

Kerry and Obama have maintained from the beginning that the only alternative to a deal is war. That’s patently ridiculous, of course, but it has apparently been enough to mollify Democrats. Some still oppose the deal, but it’s unlikely that Republicans can get enough of them on board to override the veto. Unless something shocking happens in the next couple of months, this deal is going through.

Obama has put the U.S. and its allies in grave danger just to boost his own historical legacy. And to be sure, if the deal works, it will do just that. And justifiably so. Obama will have accomplished something none of his predecessors could so: begin making real political inroads with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But that’s a long shot, to put it mildly.

This rogue regime has not changed its colors. They are still arguably to top financiers of terror in the world today. This nuclear deal will give the country a cash infusion of epic proportions, removing the restraints that kept them from becoming a dominant world power. It could also kick off a Middle Eastern arms race that will inevitably end in disaster. But by the time the worst consequences become clear, Obama will be long out of office.

This president’s every move has made America weaker, more insecure, and more vulnerable to attack. Obama, Kerry, and the rest of the Democrats responsible for this mess should be jailed for what they’ve done. Almost malfeasance? No, almost treason.

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