Americans Oppose Increase in Middle Eastern Resettlement

While news was breaking about the Islamist-motivated attacks in New York and St. Cloud, Minnesota this weekend, Rasmussen Reports was surveying Americans on their attitudes toward Middle Eastern refugees. And according to the results, we as a nation have just about had it with the Obama administration’s reckless plan to take in 110,000 African and Middle Eastern refugees over the course of the next fiscal year.

“Voters strongly oppose President Obama’s plan to bring 110,000 Middle Eastern and African refugees to this country next year, up from 85,000 this year, and view that decision as an increased danger to U.S. national security,” reported Rasmussen.

Specifically, 74% of likely voters oppose the administration’s plan to increase the number of refugees from these countries, many of which are awash in fundamental – if not radical – Islam. Only 18% of likely voters approve of the plan or want to bring in even more refugees from that part of the world. 48% of likely voters think it’s time to shut down the refugee program entirely when it comes to Islamic-centric nations.

And yet, as the polls stand today, Americans are getting ready to elect a woman who wants to bring in even more refugees from Syria and other suspect lands. Perhaps that’s because the media is more concerned about Skittles than they are about reporting the facts of this contest. Perhaps it’s because the media is more interested in when Donald Trump declared the bombing in New York a bombing than they are in exploring what more we could be doing to stop these attacks. We live in serious times, but you wouldn’t know it from watching TV.

On Monday, President Obama delivered a speech to the United Nations that was dripping with praise for globalism and criticism for countries that put up walls. According to Obama, any country that protects its borders is merely “imprisoning” itself.

Fact is, though, that it is the job of the president to watch over our national security. Over the last eight years, Obama has prioritized refugees, illegal immigrants, terrorists, and criminals over national security. Forget about “America First.”

In Obama’s world, America doesn’t even rate a place on the list.


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