Andrew McCabe LIED 3 Times About Leaks Before Finally Coming Clean

We pretty much had a bead on Andrew McCabe already thanks to some advanced information from the Justice Department, but if there was any doubt left in anyone’s mind about whether or not Andrew McCabe was justly fired or not, the newly-released report from the Office of the Inspector General puts those doubts to rest once and for all. This had nothing to do with President Trump taking some kind of personal revenge for the Mueller investigation. This had nothing to do with some political retribution on the part of the Trump team, aimed at members of the administration loyal to Obama. This was about one leaker, one liar, and one guy who deserved to be booted out of the FBI. They are all named Andrew McCabe.

According to the 39-page report, the former FBI deputy director lied no less than three times to the Bureau and the DOJ about leaking information to the media. First, we should make clear that the leak itself was cause enough for McCabe to be given the ax, impending retirement or no impending retirement. In fact, we’ll go a step further and say that the REASON for the leak was cause enough to send McCabe packing.

A brief rundown: On October 30, the Wall Street Journal published a story that quoted extensively from an FBI source. The story was about why the FBI had failed to pursue an investigation into the Clinton Foundation despite considerable evidence pointing to wrongdoing on the part of the Democratic presidential candidate. McCabe didn’t like the direction the story was pulling, so he authorized FBI lawyer Lisa Page (yes, the same Lisa Page from the infamous text messages) to speak to the Journal on background. So right here, we have two legitimate reasons to relieve McCabe of his job: He leaked to the press about an ongoing case, and he clearly sat on a hot investigation into Hillary Clinton because of his political biases.

A month or so after the article was published, McCabe told his boss James Comey that he did not authorize the leak and had no idea where it came from.

On May 9 of the following year, McCabe told agents from Internal Affairs the same thing.

In July, once the internal investigation had been passed over to the Office of the Inspector General, McCabe said that although he was now aware that Page was the source for the story, he did not know she was authorized to do so and certainly hadn’t been the one to make that authorization.

Finally, on November 29, 2017, McCabe fessed up and admitted to OIG agents that he HAD authorized the disclosures to the Wall Street Journal and, furthermore, he’d told Comey all about it back when it was happening.

Comey, so far, denies this to be the case.

All of this to say, simply, that when confronted with all of this information, Attorney General Jeff Sessions had no choice but to pull the trigger on McCabe’s termination. And right about now would be an excellent time for all of those Democrats who were throwing accusations of malfeasance at the President and his AG to cough up an apology.

We’ll be holding our breath.

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