Anti-Trump FBI Agent Changed THIS Crucial Phrase in Comey’s Hillary Speech

Peter Strzok, who was until this year one of the top counterintelligence agents at the FBI, may turn out to be the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to figuring out how the Department of Justice bungled the Hillary Clinton email case so badly. Furthermore, Strzok, who was removed from Robert Mueller’s investigative team this summer when his anti-Trump text messages were revealed, could be responsible for much of the misguided hysteria behind the “Trump/Moscow collusion” theory that is driving the Special Counsel.

It seems improbable that two disastrous investigations with so much at stake could be derailed by one individual, but the more we learn about this cretin, the stronger that possibility grows. At the very least, Strzok’s rotten apple appears to have spoiled the bunch.

The latest revelation? That Strzok was behind the mysterious changes to Director James Comey’s infamous speech exonerating Hillary Clinton last summer. According to electronic records reviewed by sources within the U.S. government, Strzok – one of the top FBI officials on the Clinton case – changed Comey’s earlier draft language characterizing Hillary’s actions as “grossly negligent.” Strzok changed it to “extremely careless,” which was the way Comey delivered it on television.

While “grossly negligent” and “extremely careless” may sound like synonymous phrases to the layman, the change was an important one, legally speaking. “Gross negligence” can be found in the criminal statues and would have cleared a path for the Department of Justice to charge Hillary and her friends with the crimes they were so obviously guilty of committing. “Extreme carelessness,” on the other hand, is a legally meaningless phrase that criticized Clinton for her actions while putting her crimes out of the realm of prosecution.

The American people have the right to feel confident in the investigations the FBI is conducting, and the revelations about Strzok have only compounded the country’s doubts. The Hillary Clinton case was a debacle from the moment it was concluded, and now we’re beginning to understand why. Not only was this case subject to intense pressure from the highest levels of the Obama administration, not only was the outcome potentially nudged off the scales after an outrageous meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton…but it was apparently led by a man whose pro-Hillary, anti-Trump bias colored his judgement from day one.

We’ve never been thrilled with the decision by President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to let sleeping dogs lie in relation to the Clinton email case, but now they unquestionably owe it to the country to re-open this investigation. Justice was not served. As Trump said this week, the FBI’s reputation is in “tatters.” By opening the Clinton investigation once again and doing it right this time, the Bureau can go a long way towards restoring its integrity.

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