At Last: The Truth About Hispanic Voters

Much has been made of Hillary Clinton’s strong lead among Hispanics; despite years of Republican underperformance with this demographic, the media wants us to believe that Donald Trump’s immigration rhetoric has sent Latinos rushing toward the Democratic Party for the first time. Which is, of course, absurd.

But look what happens when you peel back that lie: You discover another lie underneath.

The truth is that Clinton isn’t dominating among Hispanics at all. As Washington Post columnist Aaron Blake pointed out this week, when you divide Hispanic voters into those who were born here and speak English and those who were born elsewhere and speak mostly Spanish, the numbers are a lot closer than you’d think.

Citing a recent Pew Research poll, Blake writes:

“While bilingual and Spanish speakers preferred Clinton in a head-to-head matchup by a massive 80 percent to 11 percent margin, English-dominant Hispanics were actually relatively evenly split, with 48 percent picking Clinton and 41 percent picking Trump.”

Blake highlights a new Gallup survey that shows a similar divide.

“If you focus just on Hispanics born outside the United States, 87 percent have a favorable view of Clinton, while just 13 percent have a favorable view of Trump,” he writes. “If you focus just on Hispanics born in the United States, though, it is much, much closer. Clinton’s favorable rating drops to 43 percent, while Trump’s jumps to 29 percent. Those numbers, as Gallup notes, actually look a lot like how the country as a whole views both candidates.”

Knowing these revelations could send liberal readers into a panic, Blake quickly reassures them.

“The good news for Clinton is that these groups [immigrants] are bigger than U.S.-born and English-first Hispanics,” he writes. “According to Pew, 57 percent of registered Hispanic voters are bilingual or Spanish-dominant.”

Bit by bit, line by line, TV segment by TV segment, the liberal media has been showing us who they really are for the last 13 months. In their fevered frenzy to destroy Donald Trump, they have gotten sloppy. And if you’re really paying attention, you can catch them at those moments when, out of pure exhaustion, they let their masks slip. They let a little bit of truth leak out. A little bit of truth like:

If all goes well, the 2016 election will be decided by people who weren’t born here and who don’t even speak English.

Let that dissolve on your tongue and see how it tastes.





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