Barack Obama’s Dangerous and Costly Final Weeks

Already, it’s clear that President Barack Obama has no intention of going quietly into the night. His move to block oil drilling in the Arctic and his abstention from the U.N. vote to condemn Israel are just two signs that Obama wants to finish his presidency with a costly flourish. Before Donald J. Trump takes office on January 20, Obama is going to do everything he can to make sure his legacy outlives his tenure.

By the sheer nature of executive action, anything Obama does with his infamous “pen and phone” can be undone by the incoming Trump administration. But don’t take false comfort in that fact; some actions can be repealed more easily than others. And others – the U.N. vote, for instance – can never be erased from the history books. Believe this: Obama isn’t just doing this to thumb his nose at Trump and the Republicans. He knows that while many of his last minute orders and “midnight regulations” will be subject to reversal, some of them will slip through the cracks.

According to a Fox News report, Democrats are hoping that Obama will be even bolder in the coming weeks than he has so far. While he has no legitimate path to close Guantanamo, DoD officials say the administration is trying to transfer another 22 prisoners out of the compound. Many Democrat lawmakers want Obama to issue pardons to protect illegal immigrants currently shielded by DACA. And the administration is widely expected to impose another $44 billion in economic regulations in the next month.

In a memo to her staff, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy said the Obama regime would go out with a bang, not a whimper.

“As I’ve mentioned to you before, we’re running—not walking—through the finish line of President Obama’s presidency,” McCarthy wrote.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest downplayed the last-minute rush. “What I can rule out are any sort of hastily added executive actions that weren’t previously considered that would just be tacked on at the end,” Earnest said.

The thing is, we’re certain that Obama has “previously considered” plenty of executive actions that he shelved for the sake of politics. But now that he’s going to be replaced by someone who has vowed to wipe much of his legacy off the map, he may go back and discover some “previously considered” actions he wants to implement. His concern – now, always, forever – is his liberal legacy. If he can find ways to make his mark over the next month, he’ll take his shot.

Obama’s reign of terror is coming to an end…but it’s not over quite yet.

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