Bernie Sanders Vows Complete Amnesty

At Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Milwaukee, Sen. Bernie Sanders said that while he supported President Obama’s attempts to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, he would go a few steps further if elected.

“Bottom line is a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people,” he said. “If Congress doesn’t do the right thing, we use the executive orders of the president.”

Sanders went on to say that he agreed with Obama’s use of those orders in the face of congressional inaction. “And in fact,” he said, “I would go further. What would motivate me and what would be the guiding light for me in terms of immigration reform is to bring families together, not divide them up.”

The harrowing part of this is not amnesty, a proposal that is supported by Hillary Clinton and several of the Republican candidates. The really frightening part is seeing the consequences of Obama’s executive abuse grow roots in the Democratic Party. Millions of liberals now think it’s perfectly fine for the president to overrule Congress, as long as the cause is something they believe in. They seem utterly blind to the dangers of stealing more and more power away from Capitol Hill and redistributing it to the White House. These morons castigate Donald Trump as a fascist totalitarian while cheering a president who simply ignores the Constitution whenever convenient.

The balance of power in Washington is set up to ensure that no one branch can run amok. The system is designed to be painful, slow, and prone to partisan gridlock. These are not flaws; these are inconveniences that promote caution. The president’s executive powers are important; they provide him with the ability to direct his cabinet appropriately and to take swift action in emergency situations. But when those actions are used as they have been for the last seven years, they deteriorate democracy and put us on a dangerous path.

As much as Americans complain about gridlock, what voters really want is action that will move their own party’s ideas forward. It’s doubtful that Democrats would be praising Congress if they were pumping out an unstoppable barrage of conservative legislation. Gridlock, therefore, is really just a code word that means, “Why can’t Congress pass more of the stuff I want to see passed?” And the more frustrated these voters get, the more political will the president has to bypass the legislature altogether.

Illegal immigration is a problem and it is a serious one. But it is insignificant next to the dangers of letting our president slowly morph into a dictator. The precedent set by Obama must be rolled back.

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