Black Lives Matter Releases List of Absurd Demands

This week, organizations involved in the Black Lives Matter movement created a long list of demands and released them on the unsuspecting public several days before the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. The demands are as absurd and ridiculous as everything that has ever come out of this misbegotten, racist movement, and they show why both Republicans and Democrats are hesitant to get specifically involved. Not even committed socialists like Bernie Sanders can pretend to endorse these ludicrous ideas. When your movement is far to the left of the most extreme leftists in American politics, you have a problem.

So for fun, let’s take a look at some of the most idiotic demands from this list. If you can’t beat them, join them. And if you can’t join them, make fun of them.

“An immediate end to the criminalization and dehumanization of Black youth across all areas of society including, but not limited to; our nation’s justice and education systems, social service agencies, and media and pop culture. This includes an end to zero-tolerance school policies and arrests of students, the removal of police from schools, and the reallocation of funds from police and punitive school discipline practices to restorative services.”

Translated: Black Americans must no longer be held accountable for their actions. Because blacks have been jailed improperly at times, the only fair thing to do now is to give black criminals immunity from prosecution, suspension, and other forms of punishment.

“An end to the use of past criminal history to determine eligibility for housing, education, licenses, voting, loans, employment, and other services and needs.”

No translation necessary here; they basically say outright that nothing a black individual does should be held against him in the future. Black Americans are to be exempt from the consequences of their actions.

“Reparations for the continued divestment from, discrimination toward and exploitation of our communities in the form of a guaranteed minimum livable income for all Black people, with clearly articulated corporate regulations.”

Well, when you’re already in fantasy land, why not shoot for the moon? Yes, these morons are actually demanding that every black American receive a salary from the federal government just for being black.

“A reallocation of funds at the federal, state and local level from policing and incarceration (JAG, COPS, VOCA) to long-term safety strategies such as education, local restorative justice services, and employment programs.”

Well, if blacks are no longer to be held criminally responsible for their actions, it makes sense to stop funding police efforts. We can give police a new mission: arresting whites who commit microaggressions against beautiful black citizens.

According to Marbre Stahly-Butts, a member of the team that wrote the demands, politicians are not listening to the concerns of the movement. “On both sides of the aisle, the candidates have really failed to address the demands and the concerns of our people,” Stahly-Butts said.

Yeah, well, that’s what happens when you traffic in nonsense. Try coming up with something with roots in the real world and maybe you’ll start seeing some results.

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