Bored and Dumb: Protesters Outraged That Bakery Made a MAGA Cake

Progressives, who believe that a bakery should be forced to create a cake for a gay wedding, apparently also believe that they should not be allowed to create cakes that support President Donald Trump. Showing once again that they have an extremely bizarre and exclusive view of the First Amendment, protesters in New York gathered Thursday outside Albany’s Coccadotts Cake Shop, which had the temerity to bake a Make America Great Again cap-themed cake and then promote it on social media.

From Fox News:

Coccadotts Cake Shop in Albany put a picture on its social media of a cake baked into the shape of a red “Make American Great Again” hat. The cake was a custom-order.

The cake set off a wave of backlash when it was posted in late July. Though it was quickly deleted after the negative response, protestors from the Black Lives Matter movement and those supporting the MAGA cake faced off in front of the bakery on Aug. 13.

According to video footage from the protest, the sides are seen arguing while police officers attempt to keep a barricade between the groups.

“Hey, hey, ho, ho racism has got to go,” Black Lives Matter supporters chanted.

Bakery owner Rachel Dott spoke to Fox News about the protests, claiming the response to the cake has been mixed online and in person.

“After putting up the photo, we ended up shutting down our social media platform,” she said. “We received threats: ‘We’re going to burn down’ the bakery.’”

The Albany Times-Union spoke to some of the BLM protesters, one of whom explained his unusual take on freedom of speech.

“They’re able to feel what they feel about their politics,” said Legacy Casanova. “We have issues when it comes to social injustice as in firing someone because they’re gay, wearing ‘All Lives Matter’ masks.”

So…you can have your own opinion on politics, but the line is drawn when you wear an “All Lives Matter” mask? That crosses into the territory of social injustice? As does, apparently, supporting the MAGA movement? We see. How very interesting.

We’ll just all sit back and wait for Black Lives Matter and their various allied groups to tell us what we can and can’t say, what we must say, and how we should run our businesses. Oh, and how much of our profits we should donate to the Struggle. Can’t wait.

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