California Sheriff Blasts Sacramento, Says Sanctuary Laws are “Dangerous”

California liberals claim that local law enforcement officials are fully on board with the state’s new sanctuary laws that prohibit police from communicating with federal immigration officers or releasing inmates into ICE custody. But at least one sheriff thinks that’s a load of BS.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux is blaming the state’s SB54 for a “deadly rampage that could have been prevented” if his office had been able to detain and turn over Junior Garcia-Ruiz to federal authorities. Instead, Garcia-Ruiz was released from jail and allowed back on the streets. Between that time and the point when he was killed by police in Portville the following Monday, the illegal alien committed no les than 11 crimes, including killing at least one person in Lindsay, California.

After Garcia-Ruiz’s reign of terror, ICE officials blasted the state’s sanctuary law, saying the alien would have been deported had local officials turned the criminal over to them.

And Sheriff Boudreaux says that is exactly the case.

“Right now, that law is dangerous for everyone,” the sheriff warned.

From the Fresno Bee:

Boudreaux said he would have liked to communicate with ICE in that instance, but the law prohibited him from doing so.

He said state law now requires ICE to have a “federally-signed arrest warrant,” and that his office only received their detainer approximately an hour before Garcia-Ruiz was released. Boudreaux said Garcia-Ruiz was in custody for approximately 10.5 hours and the law wouldn’t allow him to remain in custody longer because he was arrested on a misdemeanor charge.

If he had been arrested for a violent crime, however, such as an armed robbery, Boudreaux said Garcia-Ruiz would have remained in jail longer and the sheriff’s office would have been able to make ICE “fully aware” if he bailed out.

Before SB54, Boudreaux said his office would have been able to honor ICE’s detainer request, even for a misdemeanor charge, and “now that tool has been taken from us.”

Another day, another person dead because of this woefully misguided approach to the law. There is no excuse for these sanctuary policies – not in a single city, not in a single state. These policies make America more dangerous, incentivize illegal immigration, and prevent our men and women of law enforcement from doing their jobs. There is no reason for them to exist, and no evidence that backs up the claim that immigrants change the way they communicate with cops depending on whether there are sanctuary policies in place. It’s complete bollocks, as they might say across the pond.

These policies need to go, ICE needs to be allowed to deport illegal alien criminals, and local authorities need to be given the freedom to honor detainer requests. Anything else is unacceptable.


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