Can Jeff Sessions Restore Law and Order to Chaotic Chicago?

The final homicide figures out of Chicago for 2016 are disturbing by any measure. According to the Chicago Tribune, there were 779 homicides in the Windy City last year, a jump of 300 murders over the 2015 numbers. When you expand that figure to include all shootings – fatal and non – you have a city that experienced more than 4,000 firearms crimes in a single year.

A city that has, as many conservatives have pointed out, some of the toughest gun control laws in the country.

The shame of Chicago’s descent into lawlessness is only compounded by President Obama’s unwillingness to do anything about it. Obama has been too busy pardoning criminals and investigating police departments to crack down on the warzone developing in his own hometown. His anti-American (and politically absurd) crusade against the Second Amendment has done nothing to make the country safer and it has distracted the Justice Department from its purpose.

One of the most baffling aspects of Obama’s war on guns is that his administration won’t even enforce the laws we have. In recent years, police have seized thousands of illegal guns from gang bangers and violent criminals in Chicago. In the vast majority of these cases, federal prosecutors declined to press charges against the accused. We have a Justice Department that seems to think we should avoid putting criminals in prison.

In a message last week, the NRA’s Chris Cox said he was looking forward to an administration that would be willing to start enforcing the law.

“The political response to this situation has been immoral,” Cox tweeted. “But help is on the way with a new AG. #confirmsessions.”

Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to be the “law and order” president, and he signaled his intention to keep that promise by nominating Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general. Sessions has proven himself over several decades to be a steadfast friend of the law and he will not hesitate to put criminals behind bars. Ending the violence starts with punishing the violent.

But Sessions won’t even have to step up federal prosecutions to improve on the blunders of Obama’s DOJ. If he merely puts an end to the Justice Department’s misguided war on cops, he’ll put us on a path to healing.


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