Chris Matthews Compares Republicans to North Korean Soldiers

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews isn’t the only liberal dancing in the streets after Sen. Bob Corker accused his fellow Republicans of forming a “cult” around President Donald Trump, but he certainly took tremendous joy in running with the analogy on his show Wednesday. In one segment, Matthews pontificated on what, exactly, Corker meant when he made his extraordinary speech.

“Corker’s not exactly a bomb thrower and he’s not comparing this guy to James Jones and drinking the Kool-Aid and cults and that’s pretty deep,” he said in a confused comment.

Not long after he said that Corker was definitely NOT comparing Republicans to the suicidal members of the Jonestown cult, Matthews seemed to have come around to that way of thinking.

“Anyway,” he said as he went into a break, “the Republican Party becoming more like a cult than a political party? Boy, that’s hard news for the Republicans. You’re in a cult. This is Jonestown? The Hardball Roundtable sticks with us.”

Back from break, Matthews brought up the issue with the Roundtable. “Outgoing Republican Senator Bob Corker is calling out his fellow Republicans as being like a cult – like Jonestown or something under President Trump,” he said. “Maybe the Democratic Party is a little more loosey-goosey but they don’t take orders like the Republicans do.”

In his final thoughts, Matthews had decided that he was fully on board with the cult remark and closed out his show by telling his viewers that Republicans were indeed not only similar to the cultists in Guyana but also to the brainwashed, frightened soldiers who serve under North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

“Listen to them,” he said. “They all sound like they’ve been scripted by Sean Hannity, all marching along in stiff, locked cadence and regimental discipline, speaking in one voice, smiling in unison, contorting their faces into the same expression as the man next to them, you know, like scared to death soldiers marching in Pyongyang.”

Really, the problem here isn’t so much Chris Matthews – his insane liberal bias is well known and none of what he said here comes as much of a surprise. The problem is Bob Corker, who is giving aid and comfort to the political opposition with these repeated, unsupported, ill conceived attacks on President Trump and his supporters. Corker, Jeff Flake, and John McCain (to name a handful) have disgraced themselves and tarnished their reputations by refusing to accept the new direction of the Republican Party – a WINNING direction. And instead of going quietly into the night, they seem intent on sabotaging one of the greatest conservative movements in the history of this country. THAT’S the shameful part of all this, and it shouldn’t be forgotten.


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