“Civilization Jihad”: Gaffney Warns of Islamic Infiltrators

In an op-ed for The Hill, Frank Gaffney – the president of the Center for Security Policy and one of Ted Cruz’s foreign policy advisers – warned that agents of the Muslim Brotherhood were meeting this week with lawmakers in Washington. Under the guise of a group called The United States Council of Muslim Organizations, these Islamists are working on nothing less than “civilization jihad,” according to Gaffney.

“This sort of jihad involves employing stealthy, subversive means like influence operations to penetrate and subvert our government and civil society institutions,” wrote Gaffney. To prove the connection between the Brotherhood and the USCMO, Gaffney points to a document exposed by a 1991 terrorism trial.

“Written in 1991 by a top Muslim Brotherhood operative, Mohamed Akram […] this internal correspondence was meant for the eyes only of the organization’s leadership in Egypt,” Gaffney wrote. “So, the document is direct and to the point: It explicitly states that the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America is ‘destroying Western civilization from within … by [the infidels’] hands and the hands of the believers so that Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.'”

Within the memo, Akram listed 29 organizations that the Muslim Brotherhood hoped to bring into the jihadist umbrella. Among the leaders of those organizations were many Muslims who went on to form the USCMO – the very group that now has access to Washington’s top congressmen.

“Congress is on notice: As long as organizations associated with Islamic supremacism like the USCMO and its member organizations dominate ‘Muslim Advocacy Day’ on Capitol Hill, it will actually be Muslim Brotherhood Advocacy Day,” Gaffney concluded. “And legislators should have nothing to do with either its participants or its programs.”

Gaffney, you may recall, was put through the media wringer a couple of weeks ago when Cruz revealed him as one of his foreign policy advisers. Liberal critics denounced him as an “Islamophobe” and linked him to Donald Trump’s plan to put a temporary halt to Muslim immigration. Despite Gaffney’s credentials inside Washington, reporters went out of their way to frame him as a once-reasonable policy wonk who had deteriorated into extremism.

Because, of course, that’s the way the liberals run the show in 2016. They set the rules of debate. They set the boundaries for acceptable opinion. If you want to criticize the president for not using the term “Islamic terrorism,” that’s okay. That’s still (barely) within the boundaries of permissible debate. But if you want to go further and say there’s a problem within the religion or culture of Islam itself – no, that’s too far. We don’t go there. That’s “hate speech.”

By smearing people like Gaffney, Pamela Geller, and others who believe the problem with Islam goes beyond ISIS, the media is – wittingly or unwittingly – complicit in the “civilization jihad” playing out today. And since the majority of our politicians fear nothing more than the angry spotlight of the mainstream media, they go along to get along, even when the threat to our country is obvious. We’re in a war for the future of America, and one side is fast asleep.

You don’t need a Rhodes Scholar to predict how it’s going to turn out.


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