Clarence Thomas Ignored by African American Museum

Last month, the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened up in Washington, D.C. to great acclaim. But while the new Smithsonian expansion may be a welcome addition to our national archives, critics say there is one prominent black American who is conspicuous by his absence.

Justice Clarence Thomas, who has served on the Supreme Court for 25 years, is barely acknowledged inside the halls of the museum. The longest-serving black man to ever sit on the nation’s top bench is all but ignored, and you don’t have to call Sherlock Holmes to figure out why.

From Fox News:

“Justice Thomas is the longest-serving black justice in our history, he’s amassed over 500 opinions,” said Mark Paoletta, a longtime friend who helped shepherd his nomination as a White House lawyer. “And yet you would learn nothing of that in this museum, and that’s a shame.”


“Clarence Thomas has his own views — that’s his sin. He believes in individual rights, not group rights. That’s led him to oppose racial preferences, and for that he’s banished” at the museum, said Paoletta, who also created the tribute website.

To say Thomas isn’t mentioned in the museum wouldn’t be correct. He is featured as a minor character in the Anita Hill display, which celebrates the woman who nearly derailed Thomas’s 1991 confirmation with accusations of sexual harassment.

In other words, simply excluding Thomas wasn’t enough for the museum’s designers; they had to sprinkle salt on the wound.

A Clarence Thomas exhibit probably wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Anita Hill scandal; it dominated the national conversation for several weeks. But to boil the man’s sterling career down to a supporting role in that drama is an insult beyond forgiveness.

The omission reflects the mood of many black leaders, however, who want to tell African Americans what they can and cannot believe in. To espouse conservative views, to those leaders, is tantamount to betraying your race. There are a whole lot of people making a whole lot of money off the racial grievance train, and they aren’t about to let the likes of Thomas, Ben Carson, or any other traitor mess it up for them.

It’s a shame, because this is exactly what’s keeping our country divided. Young black men and women see black politicians, pundits, and social leaders singing the same tune: It’s not your fault…it’s THEIR’S.

Perhaps if they were exposed to some of this country’s finest conservative black citizens, they would see that any “solution” that starts with blaming someone else is not a solution: It’s a trap.

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