Clinton Won the Race, but Sanders Won the Party

If you were asked to use the latest draft of the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform to surmise who had won the primaries, you would probably not guess that Hillary Clinton was the presumptive nominee. This platform has been driven far to the left by a socialist senator from one of this country’s most liberal states. Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton on Tuesday, but the platform is a sign that the Democratic Party is veering closer to his ideology than hers.

America Rising Squared, a Republican research outfit, released a primer this week that warned Americans of this nauseating liberal lurch. Entitled “The Sanders Manifesto,” the primer explains how Democrats are leaving mainstream Americans behind.

“As the party’s soon-to-be-official nominee, Secretary Clinton now owns these radical policies and their consequences on our country,” said the group. “She has no choice, as poll after poll have shown disgruntled Sanders supporters are unwilling to support her without major concessions.”

On energy, health care, education, and the minimum wage, the new platform draft is much further to the left than the 2012 version. Included is support for a national $15 minimum wage, a broad tax on energy accompanied by stricter bans on drilling, a public option that could be attached to Obamacare, and free community college tuition.

The platform and the pressures from Sanders have put Clinton in a tight spot. Her behavior since wrapping up the nomination suggests that she wants to play a centrist in the fall. She wants to be the Democrat of choice for moderate Republicans who aren’t comfortable with Donald Trump. But at the same time, she wants to use President Obama’s popularity to help her bring out the minority vote. And she also wants to make sure there aren’t legions of Sanders supporters sitting on the sidelines…or even crossing over to vote for Trump.

Juggling these three, sometimes-exclusive personalities is not going to be easy. You can’t be an extremist liberal one day and a middle-of-the-road, bipartisan unifier the next. If Hillary’s message is going to amount to anything more significant than “I’m better than Trump,” she’s going to have to make some choices.

Unfortunately, it seems the DNC itself has already made those choices. And for the sake of politics, Clinton is going along for the ride.

“One only needs to read the Democrat Party Platform approved this weekend to know that Hillary Clinton has sold the farm for the endorsement of the Democrats’ true ideological leaders – Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren,” said Brian Rogers, the executive director of America Rising Squared. “That document completes the avowed socialist Sanders’ quest to push his party far to the left, endorsing the most serious attack on the American free enterprise system in our nation’s recent history.”

Democrats are heading right over the waterfall, in other words.

The only question is whether or not we’re going to let them take the country with them.


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