CNN’s Stelter Says Trump Boycotting WHCA Dinner is an “Attack” on Media

Imagine being this dense about how you and your profession (to say nothing of your network) are viewed by the general public. Imagine spending the last two years swearing up and down to viewers that President Trump had sold out his country to Russia for the privilege of winning the 2016 election. Imagine waging a war against that same president from the very first day of his term in office, and then having the unmitigated gall to whine when he treats you like the fake news clearinghouse that you’ve so obviously become.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because, well, “this is CNN.”

Tuesday afternoon, CNN Newsroom’s Brooke Baldwin and guest Brian Stelter took some time out from accusing President Trump of obstruction of justice to accuse President Trump of attacking the First Amendment by…ordering his staffers not to attend this weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Trump has made it a point to skip the event for the last two years running, but this year, with the president especially incensed about the absurdly-biased coverage of the Muller report, he told White House officials that they can go ahead and stay home as well.

Instead of reflecting on what they (CNN and the media) might have done to aggravate such a situation, Stelter and Baldwin went overboard in their attempts to make viewers believe that boycotting this silly dinner is akin to taking a sledgehammer to our Constitution.

“Say what you will about the press, this is an event that honors the First Amendment,” said Baldwin, who wouldn’t be caught dead at an event that “honors” the Second Amendment.

“Yes,” Stelter said. “That’s what it’s about, It is an awards dinner and a fundraiser. In the past, presidents have shown up even if they were angry at the press at any given time and, importantly, it’s useful for White House aides to shmooze with reporters. It’s helpful for us to get to our sources. There’s some value in these sorts of festive events, but it is, as you said, another example of a tradition at least being put on pause during the Trump age.”

White House sources “schmoozing” with reporters sounds like a nightmare for the free press, not a boost for it, but hey, “this is CNN.”

“It’s yet another example of what we’re seeing,” Stelter continued. “This administration’s attack against the media takes many forms.”

As do your attacks on the president and his supporters, Brian. And they’re getting lamer (and more desperate) by the day. Enjoy your dinner.

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