Covington Teen Will Sue Indian Drummer for “Lies and False Accusations”

It’s been less than a month since Covington Catholic High School teen Nick Sandmann was turned into the face of fascist evil by the monstrous media machine, and there are some liberals out there who are going to rue the day they ever commented on that famous photograph.

After spending 24 merciless hours blasting this kid for wearing a MAGA hat and a smile while a ludicrously-arrogant Native American beat a drum in his face, the narrative suddenly shifted as more facts came to light. Soon, anyone other than the most boneheaded “ORANGE MAN IS BAD” leftists understood that they’d gotten this one wrong. But the stain still remained, and yes, there are still some of those boneheads out there claiming that they were absolutely right to make this child’s life a living hell.

A lot of their confusion comes from their own inability to think critically. Some of it stems from Trump Derangement Syndrome, which has turned otherwise-reasonable people into mindless RESISTANCE zombies who cannot think at all.

But a good bit of it comes from the fact that a key participant in this drama, Native American protestor Nathan Phillips, lied his ass off in the immediate aftermath of the confrontation. And now Sandmann’s attorney says that Phillips – a real Indian but a fake Vietnam veteran – is going to pay for his “lies and false accusations.”

From LifeSiteNews:

One of the attorneys representing Covington High School student Nick Sandmann and his parents confirmed to LifeSiteNews that Native American activist Nathan Phillips, and some of the others who have received notices from the attorneys, “will be sued.”

Lin Wood, an Atlanta-based lawyer, told LifeSite yesterday that Phillips’ “lies and false accusations” against Sandmann and the other Covington students are “well documented.”

He also said they would be filing the first round of lawsuits “within two weeks.” Todd V. McMurtry, a Ft. Mitchell, Ky attorney, is also representing Sandmann and his parents. Doug Schloemer, a Ft. Mitchell, Ky attorney, represents a number of other students and Robert Barnes, a California attorney, is also representing families and students of Covington High School.

The Fake News machine has manufactured a great deal of biased, hateful nonsense over the last three years, but this may have been the nadir. Once you find yourself egging on the destruction of a teenage boy whose greatest sin is to stay silent and smile, you’ve jumped the shark. We fervently hope that a lot of people have to spend a lot of money to get themselves out of this mess. Starting with Nathan Phillips.

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