Crazy Bernie Wants to Let Felons Vote. Americans Don’t.

The media blows a gasket of celebratory praise every time a poll shows Americans falling in love with one of Crazy Bernie Sanders’ wacky socialist ideas, but you’re not likely to hear the champagne popping over his latest doozie. Sanders has been on a brave crusade to restore voting rights to convicted felons still serving out their sentences behind bars. He’s such a firm believer in this movement that he went on record as saying the Boston Bomber should be able to vote. That’s true commitment, folks.

But if all of this nonsense was just his way of drawing attention away from the off-brand fact that he’s now a millionaire several times over, it was not the best distraction. Because while Americans may like the idea of Medicare-for-all, they are in no way ready to let rapists and murderers determine the next election.

In a Business Insider/Survey Monkey poll from last week, almost 75% of Americans said that Democrats are out to lunch if they want all convicted felons to be able to vote in federal elections. We’ve seen the Democrats come up with some unpopular proposals, but damn.

Only 15% are on Bernie’s page in believing that even violent offenders should be allowed to vote from their prison cells. We would assume these are people with friends and family behind bars, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and actual members of the Sanders campaign.

Speaking of AOC, she was first out of the gate to defend Sanders’ call for terrorists to be given back the franchise.

“To avoid looking completely and utterly out of touch with the reality of our prison system: Instead of asking, ‘Should the Boston Bomber have the right to vote?’ Try, ‘Should a nonviolent person stopped w/ a dime bag LOSE the right to vote?’ Bc that question reflects WAY more people,” she tweeted.

Perhaps, but if Sanders’ conservative critics are “completely and utterly out of touch” then it would appear the vast majority of Americans are as well. Or maybe it’s just that your average American believes that there should be a certain loss of rights when you violate the law. Maybe we generally believe that if you can’t manage to obey the law as it is, you shouldn’t necessarily have a voice in changing/enforcing that law. Maybe you just need to sit in Time Out for a while until you’ve paid your debt to society.

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