Cruz Bashes Democrats for Getting “Nuttier” After Trump’s Election

Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to discuss the increasing levels of unhinged rhetoric coming from the left after their unexpected loss in the presidential election. Cruz, who had a long, bloody feud with President-elect Donald Trump in the Republican primaries, said he was disgusted with the protests against his former rival.

“We have seen hypocrisy on rank display from the left,” Cruz said. “These are the idiots now protesting by laying down in front of cars and disrupting traffic.

“Right now the Democrats seem to be in this weird spiral of getting nuttier and nuttier,” he continued. “I hope some saner heads prevail in the Democratic Party.”

Cruz said it was important for all Americans, including Trump’s most vehement critics, to accept their new president and come to terms with the shocking outcome of the presidential contest.

“All the polls, all the pundits, said Donald Trump couldn’t win,” Cruz said. “The Clinton campaign had already popped the champagne bottles and they were already celebrating.

“The voters gave Trump a resounding win,” Cruz explained. “The election was an incredible mandate. President-elect Trump campaigned on making America great again. I think that’s something voters desperately want to see.”

Cruz seems to understand what we all understand, which is that Trump will face continued opposition from the left for the next four years. Ideologically, there’s nothing that can be done about it. Politically, the same holds true. But if Trump can push through orders and legislation and policies that make life safer and more prosperous for the American people, then we will see the extreme left pushed back into the margins of the Democratic Party where it belongs. Voters will shed their party loyalties overnight if President Trump makes good on his promises to bring security and economic opportunity to areas of the country that feel betrayed and ignored.

For all of the pundits saying that we’ve never seen anything like the Trump phenomenon, the truth is that it’s not historically unprecedented in all ways. Yes, Trump and his campaign were novel, but this pendulum shift was bound to happen in one form or another. Obama’s sharp left turn – followed by a promise of an even sharper left turn from Hillary and Bernie – was tailor made for a backlash. It’s time for Republican, conservative principles now, and the effectiveness of those principles will be the final judge. If they work, Trump can win re-election in a landslide. If they don’t, we might see the pendulum swing back the other way.

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