Dan Rather Doesn’t Know the First Thing About Patriotism

Once upon a time, Dan Rather was the respected, if mildly ridiculous, anchor of the CBS Evening News.

But his reporting career came to an abrupt and humiliating end during the run-up to the 2004 election when he presided over a story for 60 Minutes chronicling George W. Bush’s stint with the Texas Air National Guard. In an effort to make it appear as though Bush absconded from his Guard duties during the Vietnam War, Rather presented on television a series of internal TNAG documents – supposedly sourced from the early 1970s – that were critical of Bush’s service during this time period. Quite rapidly, however, it was discovered that the typography used in those documents was not available at the time, leading many experts to conclude they could not be anything other than forgeries. Rather and 60 Minutes retracted the story, three producers were fired, and the man himself was relieved of his anchor duties less than a year later.

These days, Rather posts long liberal screeds on Facebook, hosts an internet show for The Young Turks, and generally makes a nuisance of himself as an old leftist with nothing original to say about the state of the news or the modern arena of American politics.

Thus, he naturally had to pontificate about these things with a special Independence Day post.

“I feel a deep tug at my heart knowing so many of my fellow Americans are beset by a great sadness at the prospects for our nation,” he wrote. “I know the pain, and feel it too. This is a day when we should revel in our liberty, speak knowingly of civic pride, gather with friends and family in the solidarity of our citizenship, and reflect on the great beauty and bounty of our land – how lucky so many of us are to be Americans. However, so much of the news is full of dark clouds over our democracy.

“But on this Fourth of July, I refuse to let Donald Trump have the flag of the United States as his own,” Rather continued. “I refuse to have the Pledge of Allegiance to that flag, which for me harkens to boyhood civics lessons, and U.S. citizenship ceremonies, and the camaraderie for our military, sullied by the jingoism and divisions of our present national leaders.”

For liberals like Rather, the thought of wanting America to be a strong, proud, rich, successful, dominant nation with impenetrable borders and a military unmatched by any in history…well, that’s just gross. No, liberals think it is the height of patriotism to hate one’s country and to want to change it in every way imaginable. This is evident from the left’s rejection of Trump and everything he and his supporters stand for. They want nothing LESS than to “make America great again.” For some bizarre reason we’ll never understand, they are only happy when they are loathing everything that America stands for. That’s patriotism to them.

Well, they can have it.

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