Democrats Agree Wholeheartedly with the Architect of the 9/11 Attacks

Democrats are trying their best to railroad yet another Trump nominee – this time, Gina Haspel, who has been tapped to head up the CIA. They say her involvement in the agency’s “torture” program in the years after 9/11 makes her unfit to lead the CIA now, in our supposedly more enlightened, post-Bush era. And in that argument, they have the support of one of America’s worst enemies: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Boy, the Democrats sure know how to pick their positions, don’t they?

Imagine for a moment if the situation was somehow reversed, how the mainstream media would play this.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. We’ve already seen it. Some of President Trump’s positions on immigration and Islamic terrorism have garnered support from people well outside the conservative mainstream. The “alt-right.” The white supremacy crowd. The yahoos marching around Charlottesville. And every time a David Duke or a Robert Spencer says they support some aspect of the Trump agenda, the liberal media goes nuts, accusing the administration of being in league with the worst elements of American society.

Well, at least Trump can say that he’s never found himself on the same page as Al Qaeda.

Mohammed, who was “tortured” by the U.S. after being captured in 2003, asked a military judge in Gitmo to provide an attachment called “Additional Facts, Law and Argument in Support” with the intelligence committee in charge of sending Haspel’s nomination to the Senate floor. The attachment, according to Reuters, “contains six specific paragraphs of information regarding Haspel and was written by Mohammed himself.”

While it’s not surprising that someone who was interrogated (successfully, by all accounts) by CIA personnel would oppose the methods used to break him, Democrats ought to think long and hard about opposing a nominee who was doing nothing other than protecting America’s security in the best way she knew how. This is not about whether or not waterboarding and sleep deprivation qualify under the Geneva definition of torture; we’ve already had that debate and settled it in Congress. We don’t need to rehash it again.

The fact remains that Haspel was working under the authority of the Bush administration, which did not believe there was anything legally or ethically wrong with using these tactics if it meant preventing another devastating attack on America. She is a patriot, not the cruel monster the left (and Al Qaeda leadership) is making her out to be. If her methods were extreme in hindsight, we defy anyone to go back to the immediate aftermath of the horror in Manhattan and Washington that day and say they would not do ANYTHING to prevent it from happening again.

Haspel deserves to be confirmed, and Democrats deserve to answer for the fact that they are currently aligned with one of America’s greatest enemies.

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