Democrats Exposed as Too Afraid to Vote for Green New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can spin it however she likes on Twitter, but Tuesday was not a good day for her. We doubt it will have much effect on her rising celebrity status, seeing as how that’s based on media hype and has little or nothing to do with policy, but if she is even halfway serious about accomplishing her political goals, this was a disaster. Her Green New Deal, the “save America from climate change” package that was supposed to drive Democrats and the country further to the left than ever before in history, went up for a vote in the Senate.

Not a single Democrat voted for it.

The final tally was 0-57, with Doug Jones (D-AL), Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) being the only Democrats with the guts to actually join Republicans in voting against the ludicrous bill. The rest of the cowardly Democrats refused to vote at all, merely calling “present” instead. They don’t want their names attached to this idiotic legislation, but they don’t want to give Mitch McConnell the pleasure and the political victory of actually voting against it. So they voted present and hoped that the American people would just see this as a Republican stunt everyone could safely ignore.

Which is funny, because isn’t this a DEMOCRATIC piece of legislation? Are we living in the Twilight Zone?

For weeks now, Democrats on the campaign trail for president have been hyping up the Green New Deal and throwing their support behind it in a mad dash to the left. Quite a few of those same Democrats were in the room on Tuesday when the bill came up for a vote. Wouldn’t this be the time to show all of those young, idealistic progressives that you mean what you say?

But not a single one voted for it. Not Kamala Harris, not Elizabeth Warren, not Bernie Sanders. Hell, ED MARKEY – the co-sponsor of the damn bill – could not even bring himself to vote for the bill? What possible sense does that make? Is this the plan to save America or isn’t it? And if it is, why should you care whether it’s Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, or Ronald McDonald bringing it to the Senate floor?

The fact is, Democrats want to campaign on “a” Green New Deal, but they don’t want to tie their names to a proposal that would cost nearly $100 trillion over the next ten years. They want to give themselves some wiggle room so they can claim to Michigan on-the-fencers that they are really centrists while still telling the crowds at UC Berkeley that they’re going to turn this country into a socialist utopia.

We would say that McConnell’s “stunt” worked exactly as intended, but that would assume that the millennial voters who think Ocasio-Cortez is the bee’s knees are actually paying attention to anything more substantial than her Twitter feed and the echo chamber at r/Politics. Still, it’s always fun to catch Democrats in their own hypocrisy, even if it’s just for sport.

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