Democrats Package Their Lies Together and Call it a Rebuttal Memo

Wow, and they said the Republican memo was overhyped?

The Democrats on Saturday finally released their much-anticipated rebuttal memo, which was devised in an attempt to refute everything that had been written in the original Devin Nunes document. The Nunes memo, released more than a month ago, alleged that the FBI left out key details when applying for a FISA warrant against Carter Page, a temporary adviser to the Trump campaign. It landed like a bombshell, causing many Americans to rethink the way the Obama administration had used the foreign surveillance system to spy on a political opponent. The Democrats, knowing the entire foundation of the Trump/Russia collusion theory was in jeopardy of falling completely apart, knew they had to counteract the narrative…and quick.

Unfortunately for them, they played games and messed around and utterly missed the window of prime opportunity. Because they revealed sources and methods in the original draft of the memo, the White House had no choice but to send it back to them for revision. This, after ranking House Intelligence Committee Democrat Adam Schiff had already blasted his Republican colleagues for revealing classified information, if you needed an extra dose of irony with your morning coffee. But if Democrats aren’t acting like hypocrites, they aren’t really living up to their billing.

Perhaps the wait would have been worth it, politically, if Adam Schiff & Co. had actually come up with something that refuted the claims made in the Republican memo. To be sure, they came up with phrasing that rebutted the Nunes document, but when it came to facts? The Democrat memo is sorely lacking. If you took all of the partisan language and the outright lies out of the Schiff memo, you would be left with very little.

Hilariously, the memo attempts to “correct” things that were not actually said in the Republican version. For instance, the memo opens with a strong statement that the Steele dossier did not spark the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign. Which is all well and good except for the fact that Nunes made no such claim in the original. In fact, the Nunes memo goes out of its way to point out that the FBI investigation began with George Papadopoulos. In any event, this sheds no light on the FISA warrant the FBI was seeking against Carter Page and it certainly doesn’t show that the dossier played a small role in the Trump campaign investigation. That inquiry may have begun elsewhere, but it is only ongoing because of that dossier.

We were curious as to why Trump and Nunes were so eager to get the Democrat memo out to the public, but now we understand. Not only does it show the Democrats to be rankly partisan defenders of corruption, it actually backs up, to a large degree, the claims made in the first Republican memo.

The Dems really shot themselves in the foot this time, but we’re sure the adoring mainstream media will give them plenty of cover.

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