Democrats Pretend They Don’t Want to “Impeach the Motherf***er”

The best thing about Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s promise to “impeach the motherf***er” on Thursday is now we get the unmitigated pleasure of watching Democrats scramble around and pretend that’s not precisely what they have planned for President Trump. The day after Tlaib’s rant went viral, Politico reported that “House Democrats are furious” that her remark “upended their carefully crafted rhetoric.” In other words, they’re pissed off that she spoiled the ending. But make no mistake about it, Tlaib’s only error – other than the profanity – was to accidentally tell the truth.

From Politico:

Rank-and-file Democrats, immediately fearful of the damage the comment could cause, unloaded on their new colleague Friday morning. Republicans, they argued, would hold it up as proof that Democrats are playing politics rather than pursuing genuine oversight of the president — even if the GOP never showed interest in investigating Trump scandals while it was in power.

“Mueller hasn’t even produced his report yet!” said Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.), referring to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. “People should cool their jets a little bit, let the prosecutors do their job and finish the investigation.”

“Inappropriate,” added Rep. Jim Costa (D-Calif.). “As elected officials I think we should be expected to set a high bar… It’s not helpful.”

We’re sure there are Democrats who were rightfully irritated at the lack of decorum Tlaib’s comments showed, but you can spare us all of this talk about the Mueller report and finding the “facts” and so forth. Don’t even play those games. Every single American knows without a shed of doubt that impeachment is in the pipeline. Hell, there are probably more than a few midterm Democrat voters who would consider it political malpractice if their party did not use their newfound power to try and oust Trump.

They’re going to do it. No question.

Now, though, they have a problem, because the cat’s out of the bag. So they can’t turn around in May, when they stumble upon some sort of “new evidence” of Trump’s malfeasance and pretend that they’re embarking on the impeachment process in good faith. And it’s because of people like Tlaib (and Maxine Waters and Brad Sherman and Al Green) who couldn’t keep the surprise under wraps.

The Democratic Party establishment views the voting population as a collection of clueless rubes who will buy anything they sell. And they have a media empire gladly willing to do the dirty work and craft whatever bizarre narrative they want to endorse. But if they go forward with impeachment, which we believe they will, they’re going to find out that We the People are a little bit smarter than they think.

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