Democrats Put On a Childish Show at Trump’s State of the Union

Has there ever been a more pathetic, shameful display of childish defiance than what we saw from the Democrat side of the aisle on Tuesday night? While President Donald Trump was delivering a blockbuster State of the Union address – one of the best in ages, by the way – that called for bipartisanship, unity, and a “new American moment,” Democrats sat stone-faced in the audience, refusing to stand and applause even for easy gimmes like “standing for the national anthem” or honoring couples who lost their daughters to ugly gang violence.

Hell, the Congressional Black Caucus didn’t even move a collective muscle when Trump mentioned that African-American unemployment was the lowest in this nation’s history! Would they prefer this not to be the case? If it meant they could withhold praise from President Trump, they probably would.

We’re not talking about the moments in which Trump patted himself and his fellow Republicans on the back for passing tax reform, ending the Obamacare individual mandate, or other clearly-partisan issues. We would expect Democrats to sit glumly through those, just as Republicans did when Obama went through his leftist agenda piece by piece. No, we’re talking about those numerous moments in which Trump extended his hand across the aisle with statements that should be utterly uncontroversial. Statements that anyone in Washington should be able to clap for.

Appearing with Sean Hannity after the speech was over, Donald Trump Jr. said he was awestruck by the way Democrats absolutely refused to give his father the respect any president deserves in the halls of Congress.

“You could see them all wanting to stand,” he said. “You could see them all almost looking around like, ‘We almost have to stand for this.’ But the derangement is real.”

He said that the Democrats’ insane rhetoric has forced them to take ridiculous positions on issues where there should be clear bipartisan support.

“They’ve been forced to take the opposite approach of everything that he does, everything that he says,” he said. “So even things that are just common sense solutions for the American people, they have to do the opposite. And you could see it. It was amazing to watch.”

Amazing is one word for it. Sad might be another. Not that we have any particular sympathy for Democrats, but we have to wonder if they realize just how out of touch their agenda has become. We have to wonder if they realize that while they were sulking and sighing and booing, three-fourths of their countrymen were nodding along and praising their president. We have to wonder if they really think that this anti-American attitude they’ve adopted is going to win back the Senate in November…or put them in any position to win back the White House in 2020.

We’re tempted to shake them awake, but maybe its best for all of us if they stay asleep.

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