Democrats Want to Strip Trump of His Nuclear Weapons Authority

We can’t say this to a 100% certainty, but we’re pretty sure that this is the first time in history that Democrats have sunk so low as to use the threat of nuclear war as a means by which to score points on the sitting president. You would have thought after the disastrous (for them) results of the 2016 election that Democrats would have learned their lesson. You would have thought all the wild allegations about Russia and all the insane comparisons to Hitler would have stopped on a dime. Sadly, not only has all of this nonsense hit a deafening crescendo in the two years since Trump’s inauguration, it is now beginning to spill over into actual legislation.

To wit: On Wednesday, Sen. Elizabeth “Firewater” Warren (D-MA) joined Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) to introduce a bill that would block President Trump from launching a first-strike nuclear weapons attack without congressional approval.

“By making clear that deterrence is the sole purpose of our arsenal, this bill would reduce the chances of a nuclear miscalculation and help us maintain our moral and diplomatic leadership in the world,” the Democrats said in a joint statement.

Please. Don’t try to couch this in terms of global morality. Don’t try to pretend you would have introduced this legislation when Obama was in the White House. This is a clear and reprehensible attack on Donald J. Trump, and a weak attempt to garner a headline at a time when Warren is having trouble getting anyone interested in her presidential campaign.

It is also deceptive in that it signals to less-informed Americans that the Trump administration has a more aggressive stance on nuclear weapons than prior presidents. While the administration has said that it retains the right to use tactical nukes in response to a major non-nuclear attack, the president isn’t endorsing a “first strike” policy any more than his predecessors. There are conceivable non-nuclear attacks that could easily exceed the destruction caused by a nuclear one. To take a nuclear response completely off the table in such a scenario would be madness.

Every previous president has rejected a “no first use,” concrete, set-in-stone policy for one very good reason. That policy would only serve to embolden our enemies and assure them that they could use the very height of technological, conventional, and chemical warfare without worrying about a nuclear retaliation on the part of the United States.

This is one more attempt by the Democrats to put fear in the hearts of Americans without providing any evidence that there is due cause for such fear. It is beyond “dirty politics,” it is a stain on the Legislative Branch. By proffering this bill, Warren has proven that she does not have the judgement necessary to be in the Senate, much less in the White House.

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