Dems Clinging to Farcical Russia/Trump Collusion Tale

The Democratic Party fantasy story accusing Donald Trump of committing treason has never made sense, but it has never defied logic the way it does now. In the wake of Trump’s decision to launch cruise missiles at the Assad regime – a decision that sparked fierce anger in Moscow – the idea of a Trump/Putin collaboration no longer passes the smell test…if it ever did.

But Democrats aren’t going to give up their favorite fantasy quite so easily. Some have even suggested that the missile strike was all part of the cover-up, with Trump and Putin working together to MAKE IT LOOK like they are actually enemies. Because the original story wasn’t ridiculous enough. Now these idiots think that two nations are willing to ride up to the line of a fake war just to throw Democrats off the scent? How much of this nonsense can the American public take?

Not only has this episode put lie to the idea that Trump and Putin are bestest buddies behind the scenes, it seems to have put a sharp end to any hope that Trump might have had of working with the Russian leader to forge a new alliance against ISIS. If you listen to the various voices of the Trump administration these days, they’re not talking about Russia the way they were a month ago.

“I think that if you look at the countries that are with us, it speaks pretty loudly the number of countries that have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with this president,” said press secretary Sean Spicer. “Russia stands with Syria, North Korea and Iran. I think when you contrast the two groups of country sets, it’s pretty clear that we’re on the right side of this issue.”

And in comments Monday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – also criticized for his close business relations with Putin – said of Syria’s chemical weapons attack: “Either Russia has been complicit or Russia has been simply incompetent.

U.S. officials are telling the media that the Trump White House now believes that Russia knew about the chemical attack ahead of time, meaning simple “incompetence” has been ruled out.

Both sides appear further from conciliation than they’ve been in years, and while that’s disappointing in one sense, it should be reassuring for anyone who thought Trump was compromised or – if not compromised – at least somewhat naive when it comes to Russia.

But Democrats are going to keep spinning their web of lies for as long as it brings in the donations, no matter how much harm it does to our country in the meantime.

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