Did Christopher Steele Get His Secret Trump Info From Hillary’s Buddies?

In an interview with Fox News this week, Rep. Trey Gowdy hinted that Christopher Steele may have gotten some of the information he included in his infamous dossier from a source very familiar to Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. Gowdy did not name names, but he was specific enough to leave little doubt as to whom he was identifying in the interview.

According to Gowdy, someone in Obama’s State Department was sending information to Steele from a foreign source but there was also a domestic source involved.

“When you hear who the source or one of the sources of that information is, you’re going to think, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve heard that name somewhere before. Where could he possibly have been?’” Gowdy said. “I’m trying to think how Secretary Clinton defined him. I think she said he was an old friend who emailed her from time to time.”

Which struck a chord with host Martha McCallum, who asked Gowdy if he was referring to longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal.

Gowdy said, “That would be really warm. You’re warm.”

He said the public is just beginning to realize that Steele compiled his dossier with assistance from Clinton’s allies, donors, and friends. “Everything that there is to know about it, I have known for over a month,” he said. “If you go and read the documents at the Department of Justice, you see it. I am troubled by it.”

How twisted does this web actually become? By god, we’ve got Hillary not only paying for a spy to come up with dirt on Trump but simultaneously having her henchmen FEED info to the spy so that it can ultimately leak out to the press. At this point, we’re beginning to think that Steele might have gotten played – not only by the Russians, but by the very people that hired him. Would it surprise you? The Clintons are nothing if not the dirtiest players in the game. Did they hire a former British MI:6 officer so that when they dropped their nonsense conspiracies about collusion into the media, they would have that much more gravitas? Did Steele realize that he was working for a client who was also working him?

None of this makes any sense unless you figure Hillary Clinton to be one of the most devious people to ever set foot in Washington.


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