Disabled Air Force Vet Accuses Facebook of Attacking, Censoring Conservatives

In a series of posts on Facebook and his new website targeting social media censorship, wounded Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage is accusing the tech giant of removing his pages after he spent more than $300,000 on ads promoting them to users across the Web. Outraged over what he sees as blatant political censorship, Kolfage, the former administrator of Right Wing News, says that he will not stop fighting until Facebook is exposed as the oppressive left-wing force that it has become.

The Iraq War vet, who lost both legs and his right hand in combat back in 2004, said Facebook is failing to uphold the freedoms that he fought so proudly to protect.

“I’m not a ‘conservative.’ I’m not a ‘liberal.’ I’m an American, with deep beliefs in what our country stands for,” Kolfage wrote. “I proved this by vowing to protect and fighting for America greatest tenant: Free Speech. Many Americans have fought for these political freedoms … freedom of speech … and every American has enjoyed those freedoms… UNTIL TODAY. October 11th Facebook shut down thousands of Facebook accounts for their political opinions stating that they don’t have a ‘legitimate political argument’. STOP SOCIAL MEDIA CENSORSHIP NOW!”

Right Wing News was the most prominent and popular of the thousands of Facebook pages the site removed this month in what many observers see as Facebook’s most direct attack on conservatism to date. While Facebook claims that RWN and other removed sites were breaking the rules through the use of multiple accounts and other banned promotional activities, the stated reason for removal was the spreading of “misinformation” across the Facebook platform. Of course, when it comes to political news and opinion, one person’s “misinformation” is another’s truth. The question is whether we trust Mark Zuckerberg & Co. to determine for the American people which websites are peddling fact and which are selling fiction.

“They shut down my page because it was conservative, powerful, and the elections are in 2 weeks,” wrote Kolfage. “We have MAJOR support flowing in all the way from the top of the Trump administration. Get ready!”

Kolfage said that Facebook would soon find out that they’d made a powerful enemy when they took away his livelihood and threatened his right to free speech.

“If I have to roll into their headquarters and sit there with people in the media, I will,” he wrote. “I will be there exposing everything they’ve done to me and my family and our employees. We’re going to take legal action if we don’t get our pages back. It’s just going to turn into a sloppy mess for them. I think they’ve underestimated what they’re dealing with, attacking me, attacking conservatives in general, right before the elections. Never once did Facebook come to us to say there was any issue with RWN or our other pages. Never. But they sure loved taking our money.”

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