Do Not Let Democrats Get Away With This Despicable Game

Democrats have used every slimy tactic in the book to make sure that Brett Kavanaugh does not get confirmed to the Supreme Court and we haven’t even arrived at the full Senate confirmation hearings. We’re still waiting on the Senate Judiciary Committee to give this nominee their stamp of approval, and Democrats have already made a clown show out of the hearings, played a despicable PR game with the press that accuses Kavanaugh of any number of things he didn’t actually say, and have tried to insinuate that his baseball ticket credit card debt is some kind of shady coverup for a gambling addiction. Oh, and they’re practically blackmailing Susan Collins, holding her re-election hostage by threatening to give more than $1 million to her opponent if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

Did we miss anything?

Of course we did. Because when Democrats realized that none of these scummy tactics were going to get them any closer to victory, they pulled out the big guns. The big guns, in this case, being a woman who thinks that maybe Brett Kavanaugh maybe sort of tried to fondle her in a bed at a party in some random early-1980s year at some random house. A woman whose credibility hinges on the fact that she told a therapist about this encounter in 2012…except she never named Kavanaugh and some of the other details about the story have changed since then. Sounds completely legit!

We’re not saying that Christine Blasey Ford is a liar working in service of the Democratic Party’s agenda, but erm, well okay, that’s exactly what we’re saying. Nothing else makes sense. This was an “October surprise” of the grandest proportions, brought out of the gate at the last minute at a time when Democrats had literally nothing else left in the tank. This is their Hail Mary – the only chance they will possibly have of stopping this nominee and (finally) putting a feather in their cap for the benefit of the Resistance. Just…what are the CHANCES that it could work out sooo perfectly for them? If it were a Hollywood movie, you’d be rolling your eyes. It’s too pat. Real life just doesn’t work like this.

Any fool can see that this is a sham meant to slander the good name of a good man who would be a perfect fit for the Supreme Court. The Democrats have finally proven that there is NO low to which they will not sink if it fits their political agenda. This accusation may or may not block Kavanaugh from his confirmation, but it will certainly have ramifications for his reputation that will last a lifetime. For that alone, everyone involved in this ugly episode should be deeply ashamed.

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