Does the Left REALLY Think Disrespecting the Flag is Their Best Political Move?

So there’s been plenty of discussion over the last few days about the moral reprehensibility of the NFL players and owners who knelt for the national anthem and the liberal commentators who support their protests. Plenty of talk about why it makes no sense to protest the PRESIDENT (or police shooting, for that matter) by disrespecting the flag. Plenty of talk about patriotism, racism, the politicization of sports, Trump’s role in all of this, and all of the other ethical and cultural questions raised by this debate.

But we want to stop for a minute and just ask a simple, political question: Does the left in this country REALLY think they have a winning cause here? Seriously?

From a purely political standpoint, it’s hard to imagine many worse scenarios for liberal Democrats, who have apparently thrown their lot in with the NFL players who took a knee on Sunday. After suffering the electoral destruction of a lifetime in November (and in quite a few special elections since), they really think the way to win back the “blue wall” is to support a protest against America’s most enduring symbols? We thought they were out to lunch when they were advocating the removal of Confederate monuments and statues commemorating the Founding Fathers. But with this nationwide temper tantrum, they have shown that they have no IDEA what really makes Americans tick!

Republicans have not exactly outdone themselves this year when it comes to legislative governance, and we don’t even need to get into their collective failures. By all reasonable accounts, they should be looking at a very tough election to win next year. But by putting themselves in the wrong cultural corner time and time again, Democrats are practically surrendering any chance they might have had at regaining a Washington majority in Congress. Do they really think they’re going to ride to national victory on a platform of transgender children, pro-North Korean and pro-Iranian sentiment, “white supremacy,” anti-police, anti-free speech, and anti-patriotism? Along with a dash of outrageous Russian allegations? They can’t possibly. Any strategist with half a brain would be telling the Democrats to run as far away from all of this as they can. But if such a Democratic strategist exists, they’re not being heard.

This country benefits when there are two strong parties with relatively-sane ideas about how the U.S. should be governed. Right now, that doesn’t exist. The Democrats and their increasing acceptance of the liberal fringe have turned their party into a thing that doesn’t make ANY SENSE outside of a few metro cities.

We thought the 2016 election would have been a blaring wakeup call, but we guess it wasn’t. Worse, they seem to have learned the exact wrong lesson.



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