Downfall: Clinton Foundation Comes Under IRS Scrutiny

It hasn’t even been a month since FBI Director James Comey closed his investigation into Hillary Clinton, and already the Democratic nominee finds herself under legal scrutiny once again. At the request of 64 House Republicans, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen announced this week that the tax agency would be looking into the Clinton Foundation – a global charity that Hillary may have used to extract donations in exchange for State Department favors.

“We have forwarded the information you have submitted to our Exempt Organizations Program in Dallas,” Koskinen told the Republicans in a letter.

According to the Daily Caller, the Exempt Organizations Program is the IRS department responsible for regulating charities. At one time, it was headed up by the controversial Lois Lerner and accused of targeting conservative organizations for special scrutiny. Considering that track record, it’s hard not to be cynical about how this investigation will play out. This is, after all, Hillary Clinton we’re talking about.

“From the information we have been able to gather, it appears the Clinton Foundation is a ‘pay to play’ sham charity that needs to be investigated,” said House Rep. Marsha Blackburn in a statement Tuesday. “The Clintons have used their Foundation to personally enrich themselves at the expense of American foreign policy.”

This ‘pay to play’ accusation first came to light last year with the publication of a book called Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer – a book whose allegations were largely confirmed by mainstream outlets like The New York Times. The Clinton campaign refers to the book as “discredited,” but in this case, “discredited” really means “you don’t have the smoking gun.” Which, when it comes to the Clintons, is a recurring theme.

In the book, Schweizer paints a disturbing picture wherein Hillary Clinton used her power as secretary of state to grant favors to organizations and individuals who contributed heavily to the Clinton Foundation. The paper trail is complex, as you would expect when dealing with foreign governments, global charities, and international investments, but the appearance of impropriety is unmistakable. Even if you go into this story determined to believe that Clinton is innocent, the incestuous web of corruption demonstrates her lack of judgment. And for that matter, the judgement of President Obama.

Sadly, there’s no real reason to think that anything will come of this. If we had any optimism at all, it couldn’t survive the travesty of justice that was Clinton’s FBI exoneration. This administration essentially told us, flat-out, that Clinton was above the law.

At least until the election, that’s not going to change.

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