Dr. Ben Carson Slams “Black Lives Matter”

Before Donald Trump joined the race, Dr. Ben Carson was arguably the most controversial candidate in the running for the Republican nomination. The retired neurosurgeon has never been one to mince words, and he solidified that reputation this week with comments on the Black Lives Matter movement. Speaking at a conservative conference Friday, Carson said: “Of course all lives matter. I don’t want to get into it. It’s silly.”

Carson was asked about that comment Sunday on Meet the Press and elaborated. ”What I called silly is political correctness going amok. That’s what’s silly. Of course we should be very concerned about what’s going on, particularly in our inner cities. It’s a crime, you know, for a young black man, the most likely cause of death is homicide. That is a huge problem that we need to address in a very serious way.”

Unfortunately, the way we’re dealing with the problem is to make black crime and incarceration a police issue. If those nasty white officers weren’t throwing black men in prison, everything would be fine. That’s what they honestly expect us to believe. Yes, it is a crime that so many young black men end up falling to the gun. But it’s a greater crime to blame a racist system. A greater crime to blame whites. At some point, a community must take responsibility for itself.

“The vast majority of police are very good people,” Carson said. “Are there bad apples? Of course. But if you hire a plumber and he does a bad job, do you say all plumbers are bad? Let’s go out and kill them?”

No other presidential candidate can speak on this issue with more authority than Carson. But liberals don’t want to hear it. They see the label “black conservative” and they tune out. He’s just a Republican puppet. He’s a traitor to the cause. Meanwhile, the biggest champions of this movement are rich white liberals who cross the street when they see a black man coming their way.

It’s invigorating to see a black man of Carson’s status on the national political stage. At long last, young black men have someone worth looking up to. If they choose not to because he happens to be a Republican, that’s a damn shame. He’s armed with a message that they need to hear. A message of self-worth, independence, and responsibility. That may not sound as lively or interesting as “Hands up, don’t shoot,” but it resonates down to the bones.

Carson’s chances of securing the nomination are slim and none, but this won’t be the last we see of him. He’ll be around long after the Black Lives Matter movement has faded into history. And maybe one day, he can lead a new black movement. One that actually makes a positive difference in a troubled community.

Well, one can hope.

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