Emails Show Media In the Tank for Hillary

If you haven’t heard much about the recent WikiLeaks revelations from the mainstream press, there are two very good reasons for that. The obvious one is that these networks and newspapers want to destroy Donald Trump and help Hillary Clinton become the next president. The secondary reason is that many of these leaked emails make the first abundantly clear to anyone who reads them.

Don’t forget: the mainstream media still wants you to believe that they are providing unbiased coverage of this election. As crystal clear as it may seem to us, millions of Americans still buy into that.

A look into these emails, though, shatters the illusion.

Among them are comments from Nick Merrill, one of Hillary’s campaign press secretaries. While traveling around with the campaign in the primaries, Merrill noted how friendly the media was with their candidate.

“6 radio interviews and 2 coffee shops this morning,” Merrill wrote after a trip with Hillary through Michigan. “Interviews were all live or taped Detroit stations with the exception of one we did into Flint. Quick hits, mostly centered around getting out to vote.”

Merrill described the friendly tone of the interviews:

“Flint came up in every one, and then education, and ACA,” he said. “No flags. Every single interviewer was for her.”

Imagine that.

In another email from February, Merrill talked about how well Hillary was getting along with CNN Politics producer Dan Merica.

“Dan Merica asked her if she was jealous that she didn’t get Christie’s endorsement, to which she responded with a prolonged smile (you could see the gears turning), and then said ‘Dan, I really like you. I really really like you.’ They are basically courting each other at this point,” Merrill wrote.

One of the dangers of repeatedly pointing out liberal bias in the press is that it becomes normalized. We see these unacceptable boundaries being crossed so often that we just wave it away like business as usual. We need to step back as a country and remember that it’s not actually supposed to work like this. We’re supposed to have a free and independent press that is not afraid to challenge politicians, be they Republicans or Democrats.

For eight years, we’ve watched as the networks sat back and pretended to “cover” the workings of the Obama administration. At times, it would have required a doctorate in media analysis to discern the difference between NBC and a dictatorship’s state run media. And from the looks of these emails, we’re headed for four more years of the same.


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