ENOUGH: RNC Chair Calls For An End to Russia/Trump Investigations

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said it was time for Congress to end its dual investigations into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian hackers. While McDaniel said it was appropriate for House and Senate committees to continue investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, she said the stark lack of evidence supporting their most explosive claim – that Trump’s associates were in on it – should bring that aspect of their inquiries to a quick end.

“This is a fishing expedition,” she said. “I’m calling for an end to the investigations about President Trump’s campaign colluding with the Russians. There’s been no evidence of it, I don’t think that should continue.”

McDaniel made the comments three days after former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate, testimony which she says only affirmed what President Trump had said previously – that he was not under investigation and that he did not attempt to get Comey to shut down the investigation into Russia’s hack of the Democratic National Committee.

“Not yet do you have a single senator saying there’s definitive evidence that there’s been any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” she said.

On Comey, she said that his willingness to leak the content of his private conversations with the president proved “how questionable his character is.”

“I think it proves that the president made the right choice in firing Director Comey,” she said.

Well, in one sense, she’s right about that. In another, though, Trump has set the wheels of the deep state in motion. Well, he has at least accelerated them. Now Comey’s best buddy Robert Mueller is heading up the special investigation of the Russia scandal, and you can bet your bottom dollar that he is looking for revenge.

The entire Justice Department, save the recused man at the top, is looking to take President Trump down. They will use any means necessary to do so, including expanding the scope of this investigation as wide and far as it takes to get satisfaction. Will anyone – ANYONE – be surprised when Mueller concludes that Trump “obstructed justice” in his conversations with Comey? He might as well announce it tomorrow, the outcome is so predetermined and fake.

The onus lies with Republicans to see through this charade and stand by the duly elected president. This is their moment, and the American people are counting on them to finally grow the spine they’ve been missing. If they don’t – if they allow the liberal media to shake them from their foundation – we will watch men and women who were never elected to any office at all destroy this presidency.

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