Fearful Anti-Trump Protesters Should Turn Towards the Real Enemy

Just how soft has our nation become?

It’s one thing to oppose a new president; if Hillary Clinton had won last Tuesday and Democrats had taken the Senate, only a fool would imagine that conservatives would now be falling in line, rolling up their sleeves, and pledging to help this liberal government succeed. No one is suffering from that much cognitive dissonance.

But it’s just as hard to imagine that Trump supporters would currently be marching up and down the streets with signs that say, “Not My President.” It’s hard to imagine that Liberty University would cancel classes to let students mourn Trump’s loss. One doubts we would see stories of struggling Rust Belt voters seeking “therapy dogs” to help them cope with Clinton’s victory. Life would go on, because as important and exciting as this election has been, conservatives understand that their happiness is not determined by Washington, D.C.

But then, we have to think about what these protesters are so scared of. They’re afraid of losing Obamacare. They’re afraid of Trump undoing much of Obama’s legacy – which can be boiled down to two words: Big Government. They see the dream of free college slipping through their fingers.

The narrative – that the real fear driving these protests has something to do with racism or deportations or some other sinister undercurrent – is not consistent with the actual makeup of these marches. These protests are about as white as you can get. This is no movement of equality; this is a movement of the Bernie Sanders army.

If this analysis is wrong, then protesters should turn their attention away from Trump and towards the real enemy: The gradual strengthening of the power of the federal government and the rapid strengthening of the power of the president.

If liberals fear that Donald Trump will have an unusual amount of power as president, they need to examine why that situation has come to pass. Could it be because they stood by passively while their liberal hero eroded congressional checks and balances? Obama supporters suddenly understand why it’s unwise to let a guy run amok with power, even when he stands for everything you believe in.

You can see the projections they’re putting on Trump’s supporters. You can hear it when they say things like, “Oh, these idiots think Trump will wave a magic wand and bring all of their jobs back.” No, no. No.

Conservatives don’t want Trump to start monkeying around with the free market. They want the exact opposite. They want him and his Republican Congress to start doing the hard, painstaking work of rolling back the size and power of the federal government. If we believe in a “myth,” it is the “myth” that we can succeed as a country without the constant interference of Capitol Hill.

But yeah, if you were counting on handouts and wealth redistribution as a life plan, you are probably right to be scared. Maybe it’s time to rethink the wisdom of that strategy…


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