Former Iranian Commander Rattles War Saber at U.S., Israel

In a speech delivered last month and translated this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Mohsen Refighdoost – the founder of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard – told his fellow Iranians that the U.S. would quickly regret taking any military action against Tehran.

“Despite all the enemy media and cultural propaganda against us, if America wants to try its luck against us, we are completely capable of mobilizing nine million fighters,” said Refighdoost. “The IRGC’s ground forces are perhaps five times better than the American army.”

The former military commander also dared Israel to take hostile action against Iran as he relished the thought of retaliation.

“We have warehouses full [of missiles] in Tehran, Zanjan, and Oshnavieh that can strike Tel Aviv,” he boasted. “If only a single shell would strike anywhere in this country, so that we can flatten Tel Aviv.”

So there you have the latest reminder of the burning hatred and genocidal zeal that makes up the Islamic Republic of Iran. And it is a reminder of how foolish President Barack Obama was to engage in nuclear negotiations with this rogue regime. Whether they are threatening the U.S. or Israel, this is a deeply unstable and insecure nation – one that does not deserve the legitimacy of international treaties of any kind.

Through Obama’s flawed judgment, the U.S. has made friends with evil and enemies with good. At the unimportant level, the story of Iran over the next 10 years will cause even the fiercest Obama defenders to reconsider their position. Unfortunately, since we’re talking about matters of war and nuclear weapons, Obama’s legacy will be the least of our worries if this thing goes sour. The world may forever be changed due to the painful ignorance of this administration.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to hear the usual nonsense. Oh, this is just some hardline fascist, don’t pay him any mind. Oh, Death to America is just a patriotic slogan, they don’t really mean that. Oh, the money was theirs to begin with, so it wasn’t really ransom, you see?

It’s a sad thing to march into the fire.

Even sadder to tell yourself that you’re marching away from it.

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