GOP Senator Accuses Fusion GPS Founder of Lying to Congress

In a letter made public on May 24, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) of the Senate Judiciary Committee accused Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson of misleading his committee in his 2017 testimony.

For those not caught up to speed on who Simpson is, here’s a brief recap: Simpson is a former journalist who started a private investigative agency called Fusion GPS in 2011. That agency was hired by the conservatives behind the Washington Free Beacon in late 2015 to begin digging up dirt on Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

After Trump secured the nomination, the WFB benefactors stopped employing Fusion…but it wasn’t long before the Democrats stepped in. The Democratic National Committee, by then almost entirely funded by and in the service of Hillary Clinton, kept the opposition research investigation going. It was then that Fusion hired former British spy Christopher Steele to start sniffing around his Russian sources to come up with some international dirt on the candidate. This is how we got the infamous “dossier” and it’s how Simpson found himself in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last year.

In that testimony, though, Simpson denied that he pursued the Trump investigation after the election was finished. According to Sen. Grassley, the Fusion founder was either being “extremely misleading” when he said that…or he was telling “outright lies.”

“So you didn’t do any work on the Trump matter after the election date; that was the end of your work?” Simpson was asked during the hearing.

Simpson replied, “I had no client after the election.”

In the letter, Grassley claimed that Simpson was not telling the truth.

“As we now know,” he wrote, “that was extremely misleading, if not an outright lie. Contrary to Mr. Simpson’s denial in the staff interview, according to the FBI and others, Fusion actually did continue Trump dossier work for a new client after the election.”

To back up his claim, Grassley called upon the testimony of former Senate Intelligence Committee aide Daniel Jones, who told the FBI last March that he’d collaborated with several wealthy liberal donors to hire Fusion and continue the investigation into Trump’s Russian ties.

“So, despite the fact Mr. Simpson said he had no client after the election, he in fact did, and that client revealed himself to the FBI,” Grassley concluded.

What this amounts to, we can’t yet say, but it is no laughing matter to be caught lying to Congress. In addition to the questions arising from this lie in particular, the fact of Simpson’s perjury will undoubtedly cast doubts on the rest of his Senate testimony.

Put simply, the forces that were out to “get” Trump in 2016 keep getting caught up in their own lies. It’s only a matter of time before their deceit weaves a web from which none of them can escape.


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