GOP Senator: “It’s Not Really a Wall” We’re Planning to Fund

Republican Senator James Lankford appeared on MSNBC with Kasie Hunt on Sunday to reveal that a cabal of bipartisan senators are meeting in the shadows to come up with a solution to the DACA situation. Said solution sounds like it will be most pleasant to pro-immigration Republicans and open-borders Democrats, but we’re not sure how well it will hit the ear of President Donald Trump and his supporters. Lankford tried his best to spin it in a way that would sound good to the Republican base, but um…he failed.

Hunt asked Sen. Lankford about the efforts in the House of Representatives to put forward a discharge petition that would force a vote on four immigration bills. She asked if there was anything similar happening in the Senate.

“There’s a group of us that are meeting quietly to try to see if we can find common ground,” he revealed.”

He said that while the court decision blocking the president from ending DACA took away the urgency in Congress, he still believed it was important to pass legislation quickly.

“At some point, the court is going to rule, and I think the court will rule in the president’s favor,” Lankford said. “Not because I’m a Republican but because I believe one executive can change the actions of a previous executive, just like a future president can change the actions of President Trump if it’s an executive order. That’s just basic governance.”

Hunt asked if he wanted to include a path to citizenship for Dreamers.

“I do,” he said. “I’ve been outspoken on that, even before last September. Senator Tillis and I both put out a proposal for citizenship for those individuals in the DACA program or were eligible for the DACA program because we have a group that was in the DACA program, but we got a group that never signed up. They never went through the paperwork, never signed up for whatever reason and they were eligible for it. We would like those individuals to have access to citizenship as well. Now we got to deal with border security. There are reasonable ways to be able to do that have talked about for a long time.”

In other words, it won’t just be the hundreds of thousands of people currently enrolled in DACA who get a path to citizenship, but millions who might have been eventually eligible. God knows how many illegals they will magically “legalize” by the time they’re finished monkeying around with this legislation. Three million might be a conservative figure.

Here we get to another interesting part. Hunt asks if Lankford is willing to fund Trump’s wall.

“I would because most of the areas, it’s not really a wall,” he said. “The president keeps saying it’s a wall. When you talk to the Department of Homeland Security, most of the time they’ll say, Yeah, there’s a wall in some urban areas where we got to have a clear point of separation. In most areas, it’s technology. We have ways to put technology out in areas of the desert where you can see for miles. We don’t need a wall.”

Lankford is not the only Republican who likes to play this little semantics game where we start talking about a “virtual wall” or a “technological wall.” And every time we hear it, we cringe. The American people are not stupid, and Trump’s supporters will not be fooled. A wall is a wall is a wall.

Amnesty for three million illegals and a wall that isn’t a wall? That doesn’t feed the dog.

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