GQ Magazine Writer Tells CNN That Trump is an Anti-Semite

Predictably, the shooting rampage at a Pittsburgh synagogue is being blamed on – who else? – President Donald Trump, despite the fact that the shooter mentioned numerous times on social media that he hated Trump for being a “globalist” with Jews in his own family. This narrative reached a boiling point on CNN Sunday when GQ Magazine writer Julia Ioffe told Wolf Blitzer that Trump had been sending messages of encouragement to the anti-semitic community for years.

She declined, of course, to provide even a single example of this.

“It’s the largest one-year increase in anti-Semitic attacks since [the Anti-Defamation League] started tracking this in 1979,” she said. “And that year happened to be the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency.”

Oh! Point proven!

“You have talked to the now-president about this back in 2016,” Ioffe continued. “You know, this trail of kind of anti-Semitic comments, anti-Semitic tropes seem to follow him everywhere, to the point where his Jewish son-in-law had to write an op-ed saying my father-in-law is not an anti-Semite. Usually, if you have to say that, it means people keep accusing you of being an anti-Semite, and there might be fire where that anti-semitic smoke is.”

Ordinarily we could see where Ioffe was coming from as it pertains to the Kushner op-ed, but let’s face it: In Trump’s case, he is accused of being all manner of nasty things that have no foothold in reality. When the media is essentially just making things up on a 24/7 basis to destroy your reputation and your presidency, you can’t really use the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” logic. The media’s coverage of Trump makes this an “all fire, all the time” situation.

“I think he has emboldened and heartened a lot of people who hear the dog whistles,” she said. “They know exactly what they mean. They feel that the president approves. They have said as much, that if you look at alt-right commentary after the president’s moral equivocation on Charlottesville, if you look at his inability to – until really forced – denounce people like David Duke, former grand wizard of the KKK, they understand this and understand he’s on their side, not on the side of frankly of the Jewish community.”

He denounced white supremacy, racial, and religious hatred numerous times after Charlottesville. He denounced David Duke plenty of times, but the media wouldn’t let it go, leading him to get rightly irritated about it. That’s what led to what Ioffe calls “moral equivocation’ in both cases, actually. Trump does not like feeding into a false, ridiculous narrative, and he’s not going to supplicate himself in front of his enemies in the press. It has nothing to do with supporting anti-semitism or white supremacy or any of that nonsense. It has to do with Trump’s core philosophy, which is to never back down from the media’s vicious, baseless attacks.

Of which, this is just one more example.

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