Greatest of All Time? Donald Trump is Building a Historic Presidency

In a presidency that has been beset by controversies, scandals, and an unimaginably hostile mainstream media, it’s a wonder that Donald J. Trump has been able to do ANYTHING to further his agenda. The president has been under federal investigation to one degree or another since the moment he took office, the victim of an establishment conspiracy that was born from the ashes of Hillary Clinton’s opposition research. His personal style has angered half the country, outraged half the world, and isolated him, at times, from his own party. And yet, through all of this, a look at the facts reveals that he has done more in the last year and a half than many of his predecessors combined. His presidency is well on its way to becoming one that schoolchildren will read about the way today’s kids read about Washington and Lincoln.

Is that hyperbole?

No way. Just look at what’s happening this week. Start with Trump’s extraordinary trip to Canada for the G7 Summit. It was there that Trump took on the world, facing down allies who want to keep using the United States as both their protector and their benefactor…while also telling the U.S. what to do socially, culturally, and economically. Some of these countries are making billions of dollars a year through direct donations, military assistance, and trade deficits. And they are desperate the keep the status quo the way that it is. Unfortunately, they just ran headlong into a president who understands just how destructive the status quo has been for American workers.

By courageously refusing to indulge these country’s wishes, Trump is an island unto himself. He has no support from Democrats, little support from Republicans, and outright hostile opposition from U.S. allies. And yet he remains fixed on the goal: To improve these trade deals until they (finally) favor our country’s interests. Not the interests of the 1%. Not the interests of those who fly to Bilderberg every year. Not the Davos elite. The interests of the American people, the ones who have been shamelessly overlooked and exploited for decades. And man, does the world hate him for this betrayal.

And then there’s North Korea. If Trump can make headway this week in Singapore…if he can move the needle even a little in the direction of a denuclearized Kim Jong Un, he will have cemented his presidency as one of the greatest of all times. Again, here we see the president all on his own. Members of his own party are ready to go to war with North Korea, regardless of how many casualties it results in. Democrats are sitting in the peanut gallery, tossing shells and accusing Trump of giving Kim Jong Un unwarranted credibility on the world stage. The media tells us over and over again how there is literally no chance that Trump will bring home a deal.

But he’s there. He’s trying. And that already makes him a figure to whom they will build monuments in the future.

And if he succeeds, that future may not be far off.



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