Harrisburg Terrorist Gives Us Another Reason to End Chain Migration

Prosecutors and Homeland Security Department officials say that Ahmed Amin El-Mofty was committing an act of terrorism as he targeted police officers in a multi-site shooting spree. Authorities in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania found themselves under fire on Friday as the 51-year-old suspect took aim; one state trooper was shot and injured, though she is expected to recover fully from the wound. El-Mofty opened fire on cops in three different locations, starting at 4:00 in the afternoon, before he was brought down by police gunfire at around 7:00 that evening.

In early statements to the press, Dauphin County district attorney Ed Marsico said law enforcement officers had “no idea what the motivation is at this point,” though he said there was “no doubt” that police officers were deliberately targeted by the Muslim gunman.

El-Mofty is reported to have been a native of Egypt with ongoing ties to the Middle East.

His family told reporters that they were shocked by his violent rampage. “That’s not his behavior at all,” said one relative in an interview with PennLive.com. “That’s not him. I still don’t believe it. He’s not the perfect guy, but he’s not an aggressive person.”

Well, that’s the thing about these radicalized jihadists. Despite what the left will have us believe about the criminal nature of these people, they are not just “bad people” who found a religious excuse to carry out acts of violence they would have committed anyway. These are people who have been brainwashed into the cult of extremist Islam, and they are killing people for that reason and that reason alone. To themselves, they are the furthest thing from “bad people.” They are holy warriors, doing exactly what their scripture tells them to do, in the hopes of reaching paradise upon their deaths. This is why friends and family members are so often shocked by their behavior.

Well, except in those cases where they are just plainly lying to the press.

And yes, this was terrorism, as has been confirmed by Department of Homeland Security press secretary Tyler Houlton in a statement:

The Department of Homeland Security can confirm the suspect involved in a terror attack in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and another suspect arrested on terror-related money laundering charges were both beneficiaries of extended family chain migration.

Ahmed Amin El-Mofty was a naturalized U.S. citizen who was admitted to the United States from Egypt on a family-based immigrant visa. El-Mofty was killed yesterday in a shootout after allegedly opening fire and targeting police at multiple locations in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The long chain of migration that led to the suspect’s admission into the United States was initiated years ago by a distant relative of the suspect. One of the most recent links in that chain was an extended family member admitted into the United Stares from Egypt on an F24 visa.

This is what – the third terrorist in as many months to have come to the U.S. on one of these ridiculous visas? How many more have to kill or attempt to kill American citizens before Congress yanks its collective head out of its collective ass? It’s time to put an end to lottery visas, an end to chain migration, and an end to all immigrants with suspicious Muslim backgrounds. Enough is enough.


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