Hillary and the Vast (Alt) Right-Wing Conspiracy

Progressives themselves go through periods of progress, apparently. Twenty years ago, Hillary Clinton told America that she and her husband were the victims of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” that manufactured lies about President Clinton’s sexual affairs. Today, we’ve come far enough to attach a three-letter prefix to Clinton’s victimization; she’s now being hounded by a vast “alt-right” conspiracy.

She warned Americans of this insidious new strain of conservatism on Thursday and accused Donald Trump of embracing and popularizing the central tenets of the alt-right: paranoid theories and white nationalism. She rattled off Breitbart.com headlines, namedropped Alex Jones of InfoWars (in one of 2016’s more surreal moments), and dismissed concerns about her health as supermarket tabloid fodder.

On one level, the goal behind this speech was rather obvious: Draw mainstream Republicans away from Trump by making it look like he’s the figurehead of some sinister movement whose roots are grounded in the darkest corners of the internet.

But on another level, Hillary was reaching out to the independents and Democrats who have deep reservations about her email server, her charitable foundation, her cozy relationship with Wall Street, and, yes, her questionable health record. Pay no attention to any of that, she’s saying. It’s all coming from the same twisted well of fantasy from whence came 9/11 Truthers and Bat-Boy.

But see, the “alt-right” doesn’t exist the way, say, the Black Lives Matter movement exists. Conservatism, like any other ideology, is a spectrum. There’s no Alt Right Party. There are no offices. Are there racists and conspiracy theorists who consider themselves “alt-right?” Sure. There are also racists and conspiracy theorists who will vote for Hillary in November without a second thought.

Hillary Clinton wants us to buy into fallacious logic:

If a racist can be found tweeting about my poor health, then it proves that my health is not poor.

If an individual believes that Sandy Hook was a “false flag” attack and also believes that I should be in prison for mishandling classified information, then it proves that I was innocent of the charges.

If there are white nationalists who support building the wall, then anyone who supports building the wall is a white nationalist.

In this way, Hillary hopes to build a worldview where anything that comes from Trump or the “alt right” can be instantly discredited merely because it came from those sources. And, whenever it suits her or the Democratic Party, they can easily expand their definition of “alt right” to include any conservative politician or news outlet they wish. How wonderfully convenient.

Donald Trump is not the result of Stormfront or Breitbart or the National Enquirer or InfoWars or the KKK or whoever else Hillary Clinton may want to blame. He is the result of everyday Americans who have finally reached the breaking point.

Those Americans are sick of watching political corruption go unpunished.

Those Americans are sick of watching our infrastructure go to hell while we spend billions of dollars to support countries we couldn’t find on a map.

Those Americans are sick of being told that what they thought was good is evil and what they thought was evil is good.

Those Americans are sick of being called racists.

Those Americans are sick of watching the mainstream media vilify people like Chris Kyle and lionize people like Michael Brown.

Those Americans remember that before Donald Trump there was Ted Cruz and before Ted Cruz there was Michelle Bachmann and before her there was Sarah Palin and before her there was George W. Bush and before him there was Fox News and before them there was Rush Limbaugh and before him there was Ronald Reagan, and the media tells the exact same story every single time and every time they tell it to us, they pretend like this is the first Republican who is a TRUE THREAT to the future of the United States.

Those Americans are sick of Republicans who literally do not realize that this happens. Republicans who have been hypnotized so thoroughly by this media dreamworld that they think conservatism can only win if it becomes liberalism. Republicans who don’t realize there is no fixed ceiling to “progressivism.” That every terrible compromise takes us further into a future where we have completely abandoned not only the Founding Fathers, but also their philosophies, which are grounded in the collected wisdom of humanity dating back thousands of years.

To boil all of that down to a buzzword like “alt-right” shows you how disconnected Hillary Clinton actually is. This is a Revolution of Reality, aimed at tearing apart the liberal illusion once and for all. It’s happening in Europe, it’s happening here.

Only lies stand in the way.

And Americans are sick of lies.

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