Hillary Clinton’s Idiotic Border Claims Shot Down By GOP War Veteran

We assume that Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) was a hell of a deadly force when he was in the Middle East fighting terrorists on behalf of the United States as a Navy SEAL, but he is no less lethal when it comes to his Twitter game. The lawmaker has made it his mission to shoot down liberal bogeys wherever he sees them, and he is particularly good at it. Ilhan Omar, Maxine Waters, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are but a few of the Democrats who have been humiliated by his sharp tweets. But this week, Crenshaw had his impeccable sights set on bigger game.

“Two-year-olds in detention,” Hillary Clinton wrote from wherever in the woods she calls home these days. “Children forced to take care of other children. Not enough food or water. Demand accountability from your Republican representatives for allowing this administration to cage children and keep them in unconscionable conditions.”

You know, that old song and dance.

Crenshaw could not stand idly by and watch the pity party in silence.

“What insane gaslighting,” he wrote. “You know Dems have refused to support funding for resources at the border & have offered no solutions. So tell us, if you were President, how would you manage hundreds of thousands of people illegally crossing our border and dragging children with them?”

Oh, that’s easy. She would just let them go free into the country, never to be seen or heard from again (until the next time the Democrats get enough power to impose a mass amnesty, that is). The Democratic Party’s attitude towards illegal immigration is to simply make it not illegal. Presto-chango, problem solved!

“There are amazing groups at the border and beyond doing critical work to defend the rights of immigrant and refugee children,” Clinton continued in another post. “If you can, please chip in to support a few of them today.”

She included a link to ActBlue, which is an arm of the DNC’s fundraising network, a fact that Crenshaw was only too happy to point out.

“After blatantly lying, you’re also fundraising for ‘rights of immigrants’ using ActBlue, the Democratic Party fundraising platform, so that donor data is collected for the Democrats,” Crenshaw wrote. “Absolutely shameless.”

Yes, well “absolutely shameless” is the Democratic Party’s motto when it comes to the border. While they’re hemming and hawing and crying for the soul of the poor immigrant child, they are simultaneously trying to poison border funding legislation with so much nonsense that it’s ridiculous. They don’t care about solving this crisis; they care about making lots of money off the controversy. When are the American people going to see through this ruse?

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