Hillary Clinton’s Qualifications Don’t Matter…At All

Contrary to what you may have heard, Hillary Clinton is not the most qualified person to ever run for president of the United States.

What, exactly, would that title entail, anyway? Our current president, Barack Obama, made that claim at the Democratic National Convention, and it stirred a receptive audience into frenzied applause. Why? Was it because they stood there and ran through a mental Rolodex of American presidents, compared their resumes, and found the truth in what Obama had said? Or was it because it was the perfect emotional appeal to voters who are, at all times, looking for ways to avoid the truth?

The reason this has become a catchphrase in this election is twofold. One, Democrats believe that Hillary’s gender is holding her back. They think that America is hopelessly sexist, and that it will be an uphill climb to convince voters that a woman could ever be competent enough to sit in the Oval Office. Therefore, this catchphrase becomes a kind of brainwashing mantra. Repeat it often enough, and it will block out the many rational facts that make it false.

Two, it lets them perpetuate the myth that the opposite is true of Donald Trump. That he is, in fact, the least qualified person to ever run for president. If they can get enough voters to believe this is the dichotomy of the 2016 election, it will be smooth sailing all the way to November.

But it can be tricky to dismantle this lie, because the temptation for many is to believe that if one thing is a lie, then the opposite thing is the truth. So let’s get that out of the way.

The real truth is not that Hillary is the least qualified individual to ever run for president.

To make this mistake would just be another form of brainwashing, and it would let the real truth get covered up by endless amounts of rationalizing and arguing and dumb, thoughtless allegiance.

The real truth is that all of this talk about “qualifications” is a distraction. It’s a meaningless concept. There are thousands – perhaps even millions – of people whose resumes would outshine either of the two candidates. Some of them would make wonderful presidents; some of them would make terrible presidents. And the same can be said for the millions of Americans whose resumes appear devoid of any relevant qualifications at all.

What matters – what really matters – is wisdom. Wisdom isn’t temperament. It isn’t knowledge, exactly. It isn’t even character. It is the totality of these things, applied to decisions. It is judgement.

Throughout her career, Hillary Clinton’s judgment has been shown wanting. And if we look there, and not at her list of job titles, to make our choice, she will not be president.

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