Hillary Supports NFL Protesters, Trump Says: “That’s Why She Lost.”

Hillary Clinton has moved somewhat beyond finding people, organizations, and countries to blame for her election loss to Donald Trump and on to her new role as an active participant and critic of modern culture. And in that new role, which most Democrats would probably be just as happy that she not take, Clinton said Sunday that she was a big supporter of NFL players taking a knee for the national anthem.

At the Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival, the former secretary of state said that Americans shouldn’t be misled by Trump’s “dog whistle” remarks to the conservative base and that the players were not kneeling to protest “our anthem or our flag.”

The players, Clinton continued, were merely demonstrating “in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system.”

“I think it would be a grave error for Democrats to recede from these fights, so therefore we have to stand up, fight back, and resist,” she said.

Asked about those remarks on Monday in a Rose Garden press conference, President Trump said, “I think she’s wrong. When they’re taking knees – there’s plenty of time to do knees and there’s plenty of time to do lots of other things. But when you take a knee, you’re sitting, essentially, for our great national anthem, you’re disrespecting our flag, and you’re disrespecting our country.”

He said that Clinton’s erroneous take on the subject was representative of her failed presidential campaign.

“That’s why she lost the election,” he said. “I mean, honestly, it’s that thinking, that is the reason she lost the election. If Hillary Clinton actually made the statement that, in a form, sitting down during the playing of our great national anthem is not disrespectful, then I fully understand why she didn’t win … I think that her statement in itself is very disrespectful to our country.”

Trump is, of course, exactly right. Frankly, this isn’t a hard subject to get right, and it shows you how out-of-touch Hillary Clinton really is when she can’t even manage to support the flag. Who is she talking to when she says things like this? Does she really believe, deep down, that Democrats would be making a “grave error” if they failed to support these disgusting protests that so many Americans find abhorrent? Why does she think that? Who does she talk to that she has this kind of bizzaro-world view of this country?

If Democrats are hoping for anything other than a Republican blowout in 2018, they would be wise to ignore Hillary’s advice.

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